Dance the Night Away (girls only)(a JB love story)(part 2)

time to meet Justin. 5 comments!!
~~ Kat :D

Chapter 1

Party time!! and then the road :P

right now im at Adale's house and we are getting ready for out work party. since we leave for the tour tomorrow. Adale just finished pinning my hair into a very pretty curly/messy bun that still looks super cute. she straightened her hair and put it half up half down. we went shopping earlier for our dresses, since i hacent been to a school dance in a long time. we changed and were ready to hit the road! ( we drove there and walked into this super fancy high class club almost. everyone was there. so of course Adale and i knew like 2 people. thos 2 people being Usher and Christian. so we hung out with them and had a great time. i was pretty surprised that Justin never made an appearance. oh well i guess i will see him tomorrow on the bus.
~ few days later ~
right now we are in Texas. Houston to be exact. we have a concert tonight and im so psyched for it. right now i just finished changing for rehersals.( i have to dress kind of tango like for Justins song first dance since it was supposed to be like the 2 of us dancing out first dance. it went really well and tonight is gonna be awesome to see everyones reactions. i changed into a work out outfit after rehersals and decided to go for a jog. ( i was listening to music, so i didnt hear the screams. not until someone bumped into me and nearly knocked me over. they covered my mouth and took me into the woods behind a tree. then i saw it was Justin covering my mouth with his hand. his hood was up and his eyes were in wide circles. he made a shushing motion with is finger to his lips and then took his hand off my mouth. we both stared at eachother until we knew that the screaming girls were gone. "sorry for almost trampling you. im just glad you were you and not another fan girl." he said. so he did know who i was. i was wondering if he recognized me or if he was just trying to keep from getting a lawsuit against himself, "to make up for all this" he said gesturing around him, "Usher is throwing this huge after party after the concert tonight for VIP's only. why dont you and Adale come and join Christian and I?" he asked. i just said maybe and jogged away.
~ after the concert:at the after party~
"gues what i heard?" Adale said as we were about to leave for the party. "what?" i asked, "what you like a certain pop star who happens to be touring with us." she said and eyed me suspiciously. "i....well....i did you find out?" i asked, "so its true?" she conquered. "yeah. i guess. but isnt he with Selena? " i asked. "so? if you look good tonight, girl he wont be able to resist you!" she said and steered me back inside to change my clothes and hair..again. this is gonna be an interesting night!

sorry its so short i had to get this part out to get over the first part block since ive been gone for so long :P so here it is and the next one will be better i swear!!!
love Kat :)


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