The story of Bloody Mary

The story of Bloody Mary

Lisa, Bobby, Jane, & Lydia are best friends. One Halloween night when telling ghost stories, Mary Blodson shows up. That night, the four friends learn that a dare to show the popular girl goes wrong. Could this be the fault of an urban legend that she wanted to make true, or has Bloody Mary come back for revenge?

Chapter 1

The Urban Legend

"One night, Halloween night if you wanna get technical, a girl went to prom. Her name was Mary Bloodser. She was wearing a pink pastel dress. She had long black hair with brown eyes. When she got to prom, her date wasn't there. The boys friend he was still home, waiting for him to give him a ride. The boy had hate against Mary. Ever since her & Jake were together, Jake had been ignoring Kyle. Kyle gave Mary a ride to Jake's house. They got to Tullytown Lake which was right behind Saint Michael's school where they went to. There was a bridge going across the lake. Kyle drove off the bridge into the lake. Mary's head hit a rock. She was covered in blood. What no one knew that Mary was carrying Jake's baby. The baby didn't survive. Now that bridge is called Cry Baby Bridge, & if you go in the bathroom on halloween night. Turn of the lights, light 1 candle, turn on the water in the sink, spin around 3 times shanting 'Bloody mary I have your baby,' it's said she comes out of the mirror, & kills you.", said Bobby. "Lydia we're scared.", said Jane & Lisa. "He's just messin with ya. The real Bloody Mary was Queen Mary Tudurs of Wales. She died of a bloody death like most kings & queens. She not real.", said Lydia. Lydia was the oldest. She was 17. Bobby was 16, Lisa was 15, & Jane was 13. "Oh, I didn't know this was baby territory?", said Mary.

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