{Babe Don't Give Up On Us} ~ a Justin Bieber Love

{Babe Don't Give Up On Us} ~ a Justin Bieber Love

The Characters are
Amber Willison
Justin Bieber
Tiffany Willison
Ryan Butler
Brittany Johnson
Christian Beadles
Katie Fernandez
Chaz Somers

Chapter 1

Chapter 1:Characters

Amber Wilison(You/Me): Emo girl wit purple hair,best friends wit justin bieber, live wit her 4 best friends Tiffany Johnson,Brittany Johnson,Kaite Dean,best friend with (the girls she lives with &) Justin Bieber,Ryan bulter,Christian Beadles,Chaz Somars,Amber is in love wit Justin,17 years old favories colors r PURPLE :) blue and green favorite songs are Black and yellow - Wiz Khafla, Kelly Rowland Ft. Lil Wayne Motivation, Chris Brown - Look At Me Now ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes ,All Day Lyrics-Cody Simpson, iYiYi - Cody Simpson ft. Flo Rida,Cody Simpson - One,&On my mind-Cody Simpson,has 2 lip rings

Justin Bieber:LOOK HIM UP ON GOOLE lol (Loves Amber)

Tiffany Johnson:Emo girl has hot pink hair,has a Twin(is those twins that dont look alike(sowwie i cant think of the name for it )) Sister Named Brittany Johnson,live wit Amber,favorite song is Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne - Motivation,17 years old,fav color is Hot pink :),,Dating Ryan Butler,has 2 lip ring

Ryan Butler:Google him(dating Tiffany)

Brittany Johnson:17 years old Tiffanys Twin sister, has light pink hair ,emo have a 2 lip rings,,lives wit Amber,fav song is Chris Brown - Look At Me Now Lyrics ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Ryhmes,Roll Up - Wiz Khalifa,&Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow,Dating Christian Beadles

Christian Beadles:Google him(Dating Brittany ,17 years old...ik hes not relly 17 just pertend he is)

Katie Fernandez:17 years old, emo girl has red hair,Dating Chaz Somars,has 2 lip rings,Lives wit amber,fav songs r Keri Hilson - One Night Stand ft. Chris Brown,Look at me no-Chris Brownfavorie color is green(GO GREEN)blue,red&purple

Chaz Somars:Google him up (Datin Katie)

1 more thing there is going 2 be cussing and kina pervated so if u dont like cussing and nasty tlk(LOL) dont read this story ill make a story wit no cussing and the other stuff.....hope u enjoy the story

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