My Teacher Just Banned Me From Reading Books Like Harry Potter, etc...

I need somewhere to rant about.

Chapter 1

Stupid Barbarians

So... I was reading. (The description and picture is 'apparently' to 'extreme' for them.) and my teacher came over and took a peek at it.

The description at the back has the word 'murder' in it, and my teacher told me not to read anything like those 'cause it'll apparently transfer an evil soul to me. How stupid is that? They really need to stop forcing things down my throat.

Then she broadcasted it to everyone and they started yelling books I have read. Especially HP. Seriously?

And what's wrong with Harry Potter? J.K. Rowling is a christian. They said witchcraft is evil; but am I chanting some idiotic nonsense and long words? No. They haven't even read the brilliant novel yet. And witchcraft? Witchcraft?! Yeah, it does involves witches, but it's just a title to the female version of wizards! So... if there aren't any females in Hogwarts, Durmstrang, Beauxbatons and the american one, it won't be classified as supporting witchcraft? Or would it be called Wizcrafting thingymabob? Yeah, I think they'll go with the wizcraft if they don't have a logical explanation to tell me. Stupid bimbos. They really need to read more before criticizing. That's just damn straight ignorant and pathetic.

They really need to get their facts straight.

I'm still continuing on reading every novel they ban to me.

I don't have problem with religions, as I fear 'Him' my self. (Blame it on my teachers.) But, seriously, do they have to characterize my one source of happiness?



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