The ABC's of Love

Hey Guys!! Sorry if my CHapters r kinda short and i ve been working realy hard and i hope u like it !!

And so Pretty much it is about a girl who falls for her teacher

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Walking down the halls of Seeder Mountain Vally High i could feel my heart ponding out of mt chest. It was the first day of senior year year and i couldnt find my first period class. I felt so stupied i had been coming to this school for 4 years and was still getting lost. Determined to find my class i go into the bathroom and look at my scedual. But then i slowly look up to see myself. My hair was a curly brown and my eyes were black but one had a corner of blue my skin was a mix of tan and a fair color. Then i see someone standing behind me. It was Dee. Dee and i had never gotten along and she had practicly made her life out to tourcher me. She had stabarry blond hair and lots of freckils sped out on her face.

"whats wrong Nora? Already lost on the first day" she said sounding like a 5 year old.

"No....Im just......making sure i know were i m going" i snap back in the same tone then quickly grab my backpack and head to were i thought my class was. As i m lookin g down at me scedual i run into something hard and heard papers go flying. I look up to see a guy maby about 22 or 23 wearing a wite button down shirt with a red tie and black dress pant.

"oH my god i am so sorry!" i say jumping 2 the ground to help him with the papers.

"Dont worry about it its just some dropped papers" he says with a warm smile that makes me blush. Then i realize something no one in high school walks the halls in a suit and tie he must be a new teach or a class assistance

"Are u a new teacher here i dont remember ever seeing u here" i ask handing him a pile of papers

"ya i am a new teachers assistant..i am accualy late for my first class" he said looking down at hsi watch.

"me to and i ve been coming here for 4 years" i say returning the smile and then quickly adding "oh and im nora"

"im Mr.Stokes but u can just call me Emerson im not realy into the hole propper name thing and if u dont mind me asking what class are u looking for?"

"at the moment i can not find room 304 wich is french" i say examing my scedual.

"well thats weird" he says
"y" i ask
"im acually on my way there and its right across the hall" he says paointing at the room behind me. Then i realy look at him. He had dark brown hair and dark green eyes that reminded me of the color green on the crayola box.

"oh...I should have known that" i say blowing a piece of hair away from my face. We walk into class and i took my seet in the verry last row near the window wich was quincidently near his big desk in the back. Then i felt my pocket vibrate and look at my phone to see a text form Skylar. Skylar had been my best friend since 5th grade and we had allways been inseprible. Her text read OMG that new teacher assistant is so HOT!! ;). I quickly responed with an i know right and and on of those animations of someone drooling. Then before i know it the bell rings and each class passes with a ding of the bell. Then last period comes around and it art MY FAVORITE. Once i walk into class i see 12 easils lined up in 3 rows. Skylar is in the second row and practicly grabbs me and places me next to her.

"So whos teaching art this year?" i ask

"u dont know...its that new teacher Mr. Stokes" she says practicly melting at his name

"no i didnt know but now im even more excited 4 art" i say nuging her shoulder
our first projects was to paint anything that inspires us and we were given a month 2 complete it. But the problem with this one little thing is that i suck at painting and i think MR.Stokes (Emerson) noticed because he kept walking near my canvas. Then once the bell rang he asked me to stay after class.
the first thing out of my mouth is "i know my painting sucks"
"it doesnt suck its just...isnt that goood" he says pausing a couple times. "Here let me show you" He leads me over to an empty canvas and gently takes my hand and dips dips the brush that i was holding into purple paint and glides my hand in diffrent directions. Each movement sending a chill up my arm.

"c u dont suck all u need is some practice" he says letting go of my hand.

"thanks i say tucking a loose curl behind my ear" ill see u tommarrow i say and before i leave i turn back to see him smiling.


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