1 Month in Heaven

I haven't made on of these in a really long time so I just felt like making one, begin as I read the 1st minuetes in heaven I made and it sucked so I hope you guys enjoy this one! I'm post poning my Drowning Under Water series right now, I have it saved as a draft and I will finish it as soon as one of my series ends. Now enjoy!

Chapter 3

Part Three (Your cutie)

by: 13elieve
Read this if your Number Fifteen

"Mine are old sticklars" he said with a forced laugh. He shrugged, "Anyways I've got some homework to finish if you can believe it they're loading us up on the last week" he said.

"Oh yeah you can do work in the dining room" I said.

"Thanks" he said taking his bag from the floor and going into the dining room. He left you their and you picked up his heavy duffell bag and dragged it upstairs. ./What is in here dead bodies../. That's what usually in duffell bags. You lugged it upstairs, and looked around making sure none was around. You opened it, and saw sports gear in it. Of course what else would be in it. You shifted through football pads, and cleats. At the bottom of the bag you found a soceer ball. That's weird I thought he played football. He probably plays both. You zipped it back up and went into your room and dialed Sarah.

"Hey _ Why aren't you with your guy!" she asked.

"He's doing Hw"
"Oh yeah St. Justice gets out a week later sucks for them..anyways! How you like him? Have you guys kissed? Probably not, my brother goes to the same school as him and said he's pretty quiet. Is he cute?" she said blabbering. I rolled my eyes then remember she couldn't see me.

"Yeah he's quiet and really polite which is refeashing. Yes..He is cute" you admitted smiling to yourself. She squeled, "Hold on" she paused.

"Alex fvck off I'm talking to _ you can use the phone later" she said to her brother. "Anyways" she said getting on the phone. You heard the phone snatched from her and her brother begin yelling over the phone.

"Hey _ " said Alex, Sarah's younger brother. "Alex is gonna have to get off the phone and call you back bye!" he said and hung up. You shook your head, and put the phone back. You ordered and piece for dinner, and went downstairs. Kyle was hunched over a math book, you walked up to him pulling a chair and sitting down.

"Calcus looks hard".

"Yeah I'm in advanced placement it's a real biiiitch trust me" he said laughing.

"Well next year's senior year take something easy" you said shrugging. "Can't If I do I won't be able to get into Harvard".

"Harvard" you said speechless. "You got in?".

"Let's just say the adminstators owe my dad a few favors" he said with a laugh. "What are you studying to be". "My parents want a big shot lawyer or something but honestly..I don't know" he said shrugging. "What about you where are you going?".

"I have a couple college close by I don't really wanna leave home" I said shrugging. "Have you got any siblings or anything?" he asked.

"No Just me" I said.

"Same I wish I had a sibling though..would take the pressure of me" he said with a stifled laugh. The door bell rang and you got up to go get the pizza. You carried it back, Kyle was putting books away. "Taking a break" he said. You opened it and you both dug in.

"So how did you swindle your parents to let you come here?" you asked.

"They're both cruising aboard, they left me here with my nanny who only speakrs dutch" he said.

"Nanny?". "They don't trust me at all.." he said shaking his head.

"How did you convince her to let you get out of the house". "Let's just say I learned to say 'Month-long sleep over' in dutch" he said and you laughed.

You put your crust, on your plate. "Can I have your crust?" he asked.

"Yeah sure I hate the crust". "How can you it's the best part?" he said. You shook your head laughing. "Well in the future you can feel fear to always have my pizza crust" you said with a smile. He laughed.

Read if you picked ten

Sam always did annoy you honestly. He stops and lays down on the bed kicking his shoes, off and ripping his shirt off. He buries himself under the blankets. You take your shoes off and climb onto your bed and sit down pulling the blankets off him, "Nooo stoppppp" he says. His voice sounds thick and sweet like honey. "Sam you are stoned off your azz" you said.

He shrugged smiling again, he pulled you towards him. Putting his face close to your's he smelled like smoke and freeness. He put his nose next to yours giving you and eskimo kiss. You slowly crept away, and he puffed out his lip making a sad face.

"Can you go in my bag I have something good" he said.

You shrugged and got up downstairs was his backpack and you turned it over, and dumped out a collection of colorful c0ndoms, you clentched your fist and angerily shook your head. You rifled through a couple shirts, jeans, strangely engough a red tie, and another clothing and bath materials. You heard someone come down the stairs, and saw Sam. He opened the bath materials and took out a little gum tin and opened it taking out a bag of weeeed.

"Sam! Put that away!" you screeched angerily. He shrugged and put it away. "Can we go somewhere please?" he asked.

He wrapped his arms around himself, looked down realizing his shirt was gone. You looked at his six pack and you bit your lip looking away.

"Let's get something to eat then call it and night okay were not going ANYWHERE I mean it" you said. He shrugged and knelt to the floor picking up a shirt throwing it over his head. "The high should where off in about an hour the hit wasn't that good" he shrugged his sense were already coming back.

You took his elbow and lead him to the car, thinking about the strange eskimo kiss he had given you. I could have pushed him away sooner. Once again, he took your hand off his elbow and put interlocked it with his fingers. He raised it to his mouth and kissed each finger again. You took your hand out of his and unlocked the car, he took your hand again, and you helped him into the passenger seat and you took the wheel driving to the nearest chinese resturant.

Once out of the car he took your hand, and every time you let go of his. You stopped struggling annoyed and kind of embaressed. You felt yourself blushing and you were happy he was too stoned to see. They seated you giving Sam and funny look and brought the menus.

Sam studied it, "I'll have a cheeseburger" he said to the waitress. She gave him a look and looked at you, "He'll have beef and brocoli, I'll have sweet chicken" you said. You shot him and look and she walked away.

"I'm not that stoned don't worry..." he said smiling. He leaned back, "So were staying together for a month". "Yeah" you said kind of interested and scared to see how the month would turn out.

"This should be fun" he said smiling. "Theirs a party tonight if you want to go" he said with another smile.

"No no, were going home and sleeping your stoned off your azz. And you better get rid of that little 'tin' or yours" you said using air quotes.

"It's not mine it's my girlfriends" he said. Girlfriend.

"Oh" you said a little disapointed. Even he can get someone and I can't.

He shrugged, "It was the girl that dropped me off" he said. "She's says this is a test to see how 'faithful' I am" he said shaking his head. Your food came and you ate it eagerily to mask your feelings. He ate a little bit.

"Your not eating much" you said going towards the noodles they brought. "My Mom says I eat like a bird with a broken beak" he said. He stood up and pulled up his shirt and sucked in a little bending backwards you could see his ribs and bones.

"Ewww gross" you said shielding your eyes. Everyone stared at the scene he was making and you couldn't help but smile. He reached in his wallet and tossed a couple bills. "May I have your hand" he said.

"No were going home after this" you said feeling like your Mom.

" __ Do you ever really truly have fun? Have you ever gotten drunk of your azz, gotten high, danced and not cared, been to a underground concert or skinny dipped in a lake or anything?".

"No I haven't and I don't plan to" you said twirling and noodle taking a bite.

"Well," he said leaning over taking a sip of the tea. "By the time this is over you will have done all those things".

Read this if you picked Number 69

."I expect a girl like you to have a boyfriend anyways" he added.

"Well I don't" you said. You took your plate going towards the sink. "I'm gonna turn in the day has been exhausting" you said. Trent shrugged still sitting at the table, "It's early are you sure you don't want to do something" he said.

"Not really..I'm gonna take a shower, you can put your stuff on the couch" you said. You left him their and walked upstairs. You picked out a over sized shirt and pajama shirts. You set them on the sink and got into the shower. You squeezed shampoo into your hand and massaged your hair. You heard the door creak open.

Oh god who is it. "Trent...?" you said cautiously. You heard snickering. "TRENT! If that's you get your azz out of here" you yelled stopping your foot.

"Okay okay in a second" he said.

"Trent no get out their's another--" you started. You heard him flush the toliet.

"TRENT" you yelled angerily.

You pushed the shower curtain back and wrapped a towel around yourself and ran downstairs. Trent was sitting on the couch he feet up, smiling at the television. He stopped and stared looking at you in your towel.

"Oh hey you.." he said smiling evilly. He stared at you, and you sneered, "Perv".

"Your the one who came down the towel" he said.

"You flushed the toliet spraying me with cold water, I'm fvcking freezing now jerk".

"Oh your cold?" he said. "Sorry here" he said getting sympethic. He stepped towards you and your feet quievered like a scared animal ready to run. You stepped back but he was already infront of you pulling you into him. He wrapped his arms around your waist hunging you tight, burying his face in your neck.

You let him for a second but then pushed him away getting alarmed by the fact their was only a towel seperating you. He smiled, going back towards the couch.

"Just..don't do it again" you managed your voice shaking a little. He smiled to himself and turned his attention back to the tv, you slowly walked back upstairs.


You both had showered and you were watching tv in your room. You heard a knock on the door, "...Come in.." you said supciously. He's polite inpolite. A perv but nice makes no sense.

He opened the door he was standing in a black tee-shirt and the same jeans. "You should put your pajama's on" you said turning you attention back to the tv.

"These are my pajama's" he said. You shrugged at he sat on the edge of the bed. You watched him, and he looked at the television. "What are you watching?" he asked looking at the screen.

"Some over-dramatic movie about a woman's cheating fiancee" you said. He nodded scootching back a little to better see it. You watched him do this.

"It's probably playing on the downstairs tv.." you said. "Oh.." he said trailing off. He shrugged, and muttered something and got up going downstairs. You watched him go and felt bad. You got up, and walked downstairs. Trent was sitting on the couch watching baseball.

"Hey..Got an extra seat?" you said.

"Yeah," he said smiling. "I do".

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