1 Month in Heaven

I haven't made on of these in a really long time so I just felt like making one, begin as I read the 1st minuetes in heaven I made and it sucked so I hope you guys enjoy this one! I'm post poning my Drowning Under Water series right now, I have it saved as a draft and I will finish it as soon as one of my series ends. Now enjoy!

Chapter 2

Part two (Meeting your guy)

by: 13elieve
Read this if you picked Number Fifteen

You open the door and see a browned haired guy who looks oddily familiar yet not at the same time. He smiles, "Hi are you uh _ ?" he asks.

"Yeah..you look familiar but..uhh I'm not so sure who you are?" you said with a laugh.

"I'm Will I go to Saint Justice, All boys?" he said.

"Oh yeah that's probably Why I don't know you. I'm a girl as you know" you said with a laugh. I'm an idiot. "You look familiar though, Where have I seen you?" you asked.

"I play on the football team, we play your highschool a lot. I think I've seen you at the games".

"Are you sure?" you say supsciously.

"Yeah I can always tell...You wear this hat it's black and white with ear flaps".

"Oh yeah that's me..Ear Flap girl.." I said laughing. He laughed, as well. "Well I'm Jersey Number Fifteen" he said. I nodded, "Well I've left you at the door long engough you can come in" I said opening the door. He swung his duffel bag over his shoulder and backpack. He was around tall, and musclar. His skin was ivory colored, and he had loud green eyes that popped. His hair was short, and it looked like he'd gotten a haircut. He was wearing a polo and jeans.

He set his stuff down, "Bedrooms and bathrooms are upstairs, kitchens to your right dining room near kitchen and living room here" I said.

"Okay so listen about this thing, I'm still in school this week since Saint Justice gets out later so--" he started.

"Oh..I understand if you want to go home" you said, a little sadily.

"No I don't" he said simply. "I just have school this week is all, so I have homework etc" he said with a laugh. He sat down on the couch. He seemed really polite which was something you weren't use to.

"So What postion do you play in football".

"I sit on the bench basically, I play line sometimes" he said. "You play sports?".

"No I don't have like any talent what so ever.." you said with a laugh. "But I do play drums" you said.

"Drums? I've never met a girl who plays drums". I shrugged. "I can play drums..on the wii" he said laughing.

"What's your name anyways?" you asked. "Sorry I'm Kyle" he said sticking out his hand.

"So Kyle What's Saint Justice likes?".

"Pretty phucking crazy sometimes with all the guys. My Parents wanted me to go their though, I have to admit it's a great school" he said. "Get achedmics, sports blah blah" he said. You nodded.

"I'm probably boreing you, you wanna watch tv?" he asked. "Yeah" he switches on the tv, and picks something on the comedy central and leans back.

"I'm still interested in how you learned to play the drums?".

"My Dad, playedand taughted him and my mom are divorced which I can see, They were totally opposites him and totally kid who didn't want to grow up and my mom couldn't stand it" you said shaking your head.

"At least you have one fun parent" he said. "Mine are old sticklars" he said.

Read this if you picked ten

You open the door and see Sam leaning with his back against the walk way. He looks out of it as usual, and you see a car running in the front. You give him and stare and walk towards the car. As you walk you can smell a strange smoky smell, and you see a blonde with short hair part of it dyed red driving.

"Your friend Sarah said I should drop him off here. He's stoned out of his mind honey" she said. She laughed and annoyily laugh, "Tootils" she said putting her foot on the gas driving off quickly. You shake your head, and walk towards the door where Sam is.

Sam is known for always being stoned so it's no suprise. He drinks a lot too, and host all the wild parties none of which you ever go to. You open the door and he shrugs and walks inside, you smell the weird smoky smell again. He mumbles no sense, and carries his bag into the kitchen.

"No, no Sam the rooms are upstairs" you say following him. It's like Im carrying for a child.You follow him and help him up the stairs towards the guest room.

"No no no" he says shaking his head and body. He takes your hand, off his elbow and takes it in his fingers. He kisses each finger and smiles drunkily. "Ready to bang?".

"Umm I don't think so.." you say taking the hand back. He shrugs and takes your fingers, again. Opening the first door which happens to be the bathroom. He shakes his head and closes the door opening the next door which is your room. He sets his bag down, and heads toward your bed and begans jumping on it with his shoes. He smiles happily laugh through the hazes he's in.

"Sam get down! Your gonna stain everything" you said. Sam always did annoy you honestly. He stops and lays down on the bed kicking his shoes, off and ripping his shirt off. He buries himself under the blankets.

Read this if you picked number 69

You open the door, and see Trent standing their. Oh great. Trent has longish brown hair that goes into his eyes a bit. His eyes are blue, and bright but they look tired. Trent has a heart shaped face, and small ears which you always have noticed. He's wearing a beat up grey jacket and a old looking flannel. He had faded sneakers.

"Uhh this is gonna be boring I thought Sarah said you were hot. Who are you?" he said. He stepped towards the door but I blocked the way.

"Trent We've had science together for TWO YEARS" you said angerily. Trent was a super perv who thought he could get all the girls, by pretending he was an 'broken bad boy' who every girl wanted to fix. You rolled your eyes at the thought. "Oh your _ ?" he said.

"We went to elementary school together" you said. "Weird It doesn't seem like it". "Can I come in now" he said annoyed. "Whatever" you huffed opening the door. "Our guest room's under reno, so you can sleep on the couch".

"Or in your bed with you..on top of you. Or bottom, You can choose" he says with a smile.

"You really are a complete pervert".

"Really who say's Im a pervert?" he said, and he actually seemed interested to know.

"Everyone" you said. You swallowed and walked into the kitchen. "You can just leave cause I don't really want you here...Your kinda of...you" you said. "Funny" he said following you.

"Plus I can't leave a deal is a deal, I always keep my word __ ".

He brushed a strand of hair out of his face, "What should we have for dinner?" he asked.

"I don't know I could make something or we could get pizza?" you asked.

"You can make something plus I wanna look around the place" he said. "As if trent get your lazy--" you started but he was gone. You muttered profanties, and cooked some pasta and meat sauce. I should poison his food. You thought.

Trent came down just as you were plating food, "Okay I looked through all your stuff".

"You better not" you said.

"Kidding chill" he said. He opened a couple draws ti'll he found place mates and put them on the table. He took forks and put them on as well. "Thanks" you muttered sheepisly.

You sat down and he sat down at the 2nd chair across from you. The phone rang and you got up to answer, it leaving him their. It was a salesmen and you hung up re-turning, and ate dinner.

He ate it quickly putting his fork down, "Thanks this is umm..Really good" he said. "Thanks Trent".

"Welcome" he says with a genuine smile showing his crooked teeth. He sees you staring and uncomfortably closes his mouth, his annoying side back again. "So you picked number 69" he said smiling devilishly.

"I just randomly picked it okay?" you said.

"Sureee" he said, he smiled closed tooth this time. "I think maybe your like a slore or something under your perfect personality".

"Shut the phuck up first off. I'm not perfect either I'm just not stupid like you" you said anger.

"I didn't mean it meanly making observations" he said."I expect a girl like you to have a boyfriend anyways" he added.

"Well I don't" you said. You took your plate going towards the sink.

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