1 Month in Heaven

I haven't made on of these in a really long time so I just felt like making one, begin as I read the 1st minuetes in heaven I made and it sucked so I hope you guys enjoy this one! I'm post poning my Drowning Under Water series right now, I have it saved as a draft and I will finish it as soon as one of my series ends. Now enjoy!

Chapter 1

Part one (Picking a number)

by: 13elieve

"Finallys It's about time it's summer" says your bestfriend, Sarah.

"Sarah nothing ever happens in this god-forsacken town" you say shaking your head. You play with a bit of your shoulder length brown hair. Sarah smiles evilily. She always has something up her sleeve.

Sarah has long blonde curly hair, grey eyes that look like slate, and a crooked smile that looks cute on her.

"I have the greatest Idea ever to kick of the summer!" she annouched exictedly. "What?" you say.

Sarah's idea always result in her begin arrested or just barely getting home. Your Mom think's Sarah a bad influence on you. But it doesn't even matter what she thinks begin as she's going to Florida the whole summer to take care of your grandma. Your parents are divorced and your Dad out of the picture.

"We should all do a month in heavem!" she said exictedly. "As if that ever happens in real life Sarah, only movies" I said rolling my eyes.

"Yeah but your Mom's gone the whole summer what else are you gonna do sit on the couch and watch movies?" she asked. Yes.

"No.." I said. She laughed, "Come on lets just try this you pick a number and I'll bring the guy to your house..You don't get out much anyways" she said.

"Hey!" you said playfully hitting her. She laughed.

"I'm gonna be right back I've got to call the guys see if their in they you get to pick the numbers" she said. "See ya" she said walking off.

You were sitting at home updating your tumblr, then your door bell rings. You open it and see Sarah. "Hey Sarah" you say leaning in the door.

"Hey _ I've got the numbers so pick which one you want..or ones".

"Sarah I'm not a slore" you said. She laughed. "I'm joking just one..Don't wanna count your chickens before they hatch" she said.

You reached in a picked out

Number 15
Number 10
Number 69

(Pick Which ever Number you want).

Sarah takes the number from your hand and looks at it. She nods, coolily not showing any emotion.

"Your guy is coming tonight okay" she said smiling. "Okay thanks for stopping by Sarah".

"Your welcome and trust me you'll thank me when this is over" she said with a smile and walked out the door getting into her Dad's Prius driving off.

You go back to your blogging for a little while. You go into your room picking up some clothes and sit infront of your mirror. Am I Pretty?. You sigh and shake your head. You brush your hair straighten it and apply some make up. You brush your teeth, and put shorts, and a white sleeve less top with fringe on the bottom. You heard a car, and seconds later you hear the door ring. You exhale then open the door, you see...

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