Dark Angel (COMPLETE)

Hey!! Finally got the time to combine all these into one story. This story is loooong finished, but I've been thinking about re-writing it... Comment and tell me if I should!!

BTW-I changes a bit in chapter seventeen. I changed the cheezy "family" crap to "We can help you." still cheezy, but better ^_^


Chapter 1


She walked perfectly.

For some reason that caught my attention.

Never mind that she was the one I was sent to collect, but damn, she was sexy. Her pure white hair went down to her ankles, and it flowed out behind her like a cloud of pure moonlight. I had watched her her whole life, and I knew she had never before dyed it.

And her eyes. So blue, with just one or two specks of a pinkish color in them. I knew that the sparkled when she laughed.

The very sight of her filled me with cold hatred.

The heels of her shoes clicked as she walked to one of her friend-but-not-a-friend's party's. Her fair skin glowed in the twilight.

I twitched one of my wings impatiently. I wanted to grab her then. She was perfect age, and her true face came out in this life. Her angelic face. It was the same as the day we first met.

She heard the sound of my feathers rustling, and she whipped her head around and stared at me. I was so used to pretending to be a statue now that she didn't see me.

She turned and started walking again. The sound of her steps intoxicated me. I took a slow, deep breath and cought the smell of her perfume on the breeze.

She smelled like fresh spring lilacs.

I unfolded my wings, grinning.

My cell phone buzzed, alearting me of a text message. I snapped open the phone and read the text from my friend Amy.

-Deliah, wtf r u? The party started an hour ago.

-I'll be there in a few. tell Cleo and Katt to chill out.


I sighed and continued walking toward Mary-Kait's house. I didnt really want to go to this party, but most of my friends were going.

I was tense.

Ok, yeah. The gargoyle had scared the living hell out of me. It was a spooky night. But I kept walking, my high-heels clicking on the pavement. I couldnt shake the feeling of being watched.

There was that sound again. Rustling feathers.

I turned, preparing to scare off some stupid pigeon. But I should have known that i wasn that simple. No pidgeon was there for me to see.

It was the gargoyle.

It had moved.

It had followed me.

I knew then that I was in trouble. I turned to run, and I heard wings beating at the air behind me.

My life didnt pass before my eyes. I only saw horrible, nighmareish things creeping out of the depths of my imaginaion. The things that this creature would do if it caught me.

I ran faster.

But not fast enough. A hard, cold hand grabbed my wrist, and soft black crows wings enfolded my body. Somebody had my shoulders.

"Hello," said a soft male voice in my ear.

I blacked out.


AN- Christ, I wince while re-reading this. It sucked soooooo hard...I got a lot better in a year, no?

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