Kidnapped to Serve Yours Truly

Kidnapped to Serve Yours Truly

So I got this idea while listening to music. It's about a boy named Thomas who's 14 and is kidnapped from his home to work for the princess of Dimong. I would like to warn that it gets gory and some parts. And also it's a tragedy. I already have an idea for the sequal so I would be very thankfull if you comment any ideas. Thank you for reading:D

Chapter 3

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by: Haystacks
I woke up in a cold sweat to the sound of hooves pounding on dirt. I looked around and I wasn’t in my room and my grandfather wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Light drifted in from a small window perched high above me. The cart lurched forward tossing me on my face.
“Where am I going?” I asked myself standing up.
I peered out the window just in time to see the sign that said, “Come again”. I had left my home town to who knows where. I sat down and let the reality settle in. I had been kidnapped. Would anyone notice I was gone? Surely grandpa would. Would they come searching for me?
I dug my head between my knees feeling ready to cry. Who would be so stone hearted as to kidnap someone away from their home?
I just sat in silence for a while listening to the horses footsteps and keeping myself from falling over at every bump.
The cart came to a sudden stop making me tumble sideways. Rubbing my skull I sat up and I heard outside the door to the cart a sound like someone undoing a lock. The door swung open to the same man who brought the letter. The same gray hair pulled back in a ponytail longer than mine and rich looking outfit with tights.
“We’re here.” He said climbing in. “Your new home awaits.”
I stand up and cautiously walk out of the cart. The sunlight hurt my eyes and the noise was deafening.
“Where have you brought me?” I yelled to the man over the noise.
“Why, to Dimong of course.” He answered. “This is your new home. This is where you will be serving the princess.”
“So you kidnapped me?”
“Well your birthdays tomorrow and you haven’t answered our request.”
“But I don’t belong here.”
“Yes you do. You always did. Now come with me. I will show you to the castle.” He pushed through the crowd, me rushing to catch up with him.
“Why didn’t we just use the carriage?” I asked out of breath.
“If I did I would run people over. You see how busy the streets are.”
“Is it like this every day?”
“yes.” And he let out a small laugh. “Ah, here we are.”

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