Kidnapped to Serve Yours Truly

Kidnapped to Serve Yours Truly

So I got this idea while listening to music. It's about a boy named Thomas who's 14 and is kidnapped from his home to work for the princess of Dimong. I would like to warn that it gets gory and some parts. And also it's a tragedy. I already have an idea for the sequal so I would be very thankfull if you comment any ideas. Thank you for reading:D

Chapter 2

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by: Haystacks
One night I had a vivid dream that I was walking in an unfamiliar place that was crowded with people of many. And for some reason they were all looking at me with cruel eyes.
“That’s him.” One said.
“He has the same green eyes.” Said another.
“And blonde hair.”
“Putrid beings they are. Treating us like dirt.”
And they all circled me with looks of hatred. I tried to back away but they were everywhere and I couldn’t get away. My heart was pounding when a girl in a brown cloak pushed through.
“You’re here, brother.” The girl spoke without showing her face. “Now you can die for me.” She lifted her head to reveal an evil smile and blonde hair just like mine.

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