Kidnapped to Serve Yours Truly

Kidnapped to Serve Yours Truly

So I got this idea while listening to music. It's about a boy named Thomas who's 14 and is kidnapped from his home to work for the princess of Dimong. I would like to warn that it gets gory and some parts. And also it's a tragedy. I already have an idea for the sequal so I would be very thankfull if you comment any ideas. Thank you for reading:D

Chapter 15

Page 15

by: Haystacks
We were both panting when we got to the gates of the town.
“Thomas, I lost a shoe!” She said frantically when we stopped to catch our breath. “I have to go back and get it.”
She turned to leave but I grabbed onto her arm before she could get away. “We got this far. Forget about your shoe. Come on, we have a long journey ahead of us.” I smiled when she looked at me and I let go of her hand. “You can go bare foot.”
“Are we really going, Thomas?” She asked.
“Our freedom’s behind this gate.”
We walked through the open iron gates hand in hand smiles plastered on our faces.
The grass was greener than I could imagine grass to ever be. A path led through lively looking woods. A bird sang over head; a rabbit hopped over there; the world was really a beautiful place.
Lucy squeezed my hand looking around at everything. “I haven’t been out of that castle ever since I got there.” She whispered.
“The air is sweet and fresh.” I squeezed back.
“Shall we get going? It’s a long journey.”
“We shall.” And we walked slowly into the woods listening to the tree’s rustle and the birds chirping. I finally understood what Cicely meant.

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