Kidnapped to Serve Yours Truly

Kidnapped to Serve Yours Truly

So I got this idea while listening to music. It's about a boy named Thomas who's 14 and is kidnapped from his home to work for the princess of Dimong. I would like to warn that it gets gory and some parts. And also it's a tragedy. I already have an idea for the sequal so I would be very thankfull if you comment any ideas. Thank you for reading:D

Chapter 1

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by: Haystacks
Once upon a time, in a time that seemed very long ago, I had a sister. A twin at that. When we were young and newly baptized we were ripped apart from each other. Because she was born first she was chosen to stay in the country we were born in and I was taken to a neighboring country to live with my grandfather.
My father was a lowly commoner. They owned a family business of butchers. I was chosen as the only grandson of the butcher to be raised in the family business. Thinking back my whole family probably regrets it but at the time it seemed like a good idea and I grew up not knowing either of my parents or with the knowledge of having a sibling. It never concerned me that my grandfather was keeping something from me but he never did speak of my parents.
“Thomas! Is the bear jerky ready yet?” Grandfather yelled from the shop.
“Not yet, sir,” I yelled back. “But very soon.”
I heard him talking with a costumer and I sprinkled more seasoning on the hardening meat. At the time I wasn’t thinking of much but the heat in the house and the thought of a nice bath. It was nearly ready when I heard the front door of the shop swing open.
“I have a letter for Prince Thomas.” I heard someone say. Did I hear him correctly? A prince?
“For Thomas you say.” I heard grandpa say to this visitor. “I shall give it to him as soon as possible. Thank you.”
I heard the man walk out and out of curiosity I walked through the gap in the wall into the shop.
“Ah, Thomas. The jerky done?” Grandpa asked holding the letter.
“No, sir. Not yet. But I heard I had a letter.” Grandfathers eyebrows crumpled with concern but handed me the letter. I never once saw him shake like an old man but handing me the letter he was shaking so hard I thought he was going to faint.
The envelope was completely white with fancy golden letters that read “Thomas”. I looked up at grandpa and he nodded his head.
Carefully I broke the wax seal and took out the letter. It was written in the same fancy golden letters.
Dear Thomas,
For your fourteenth birthday we ask you take the job of being the princesses’ loyal servant. Her last servant has gone missing and we need a suitable young man as yourself to fit for the job. We ask that you send a letter of reconciliation before your birthday so we can send you a carriage.
This offer is for Thomas only.
The Minister of Princess Cicely ruler of Dimong

“Dimong wants me to be the princesses’ servant? Why me?” I ask looking up at grandfather.
“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.” Grandfather said. “You can stay here and be my grandson. Run the shop. You’re only fourteen. You don’t have to. Please.”
“Grandpa, I’m not going anywhere.” I ripped up the letter and threw it in the coals. “Now how about that jerky?”
But saying no wasn’t that easy.
For about a week the same letter kept arriving by the same man in red. Every time I was there to receive it he would comment on my blonde hair saying it shown brighter than the sun.
“Grandpa,” I said getting his attention. “I don’t think they’re going to give up on this.”
“My boy. If they gave up they wouldn’t be real royalty.” He smiled.
“But why me?”
“Ask them that next time they come.” But they never came again.

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