A Damon Salvatore Love Story

A Damon Salvatore Love Story

Damon Salvatore is the best vampire ever...Enough said...
Character Name:Carrie
Age:20, but was turned when she was 17
Blue/Green/Grey eyes, Honey-Blonde hair (w/emo bangs)

Chapter 1

Mystic Falls

New towns were horrible. Especially THIS town.

Living near the Virginia/Maryland border my entire life was fun. I could skip across the border any time i'd wanted, whether it be to hang out with my friends, see people, or just get away from it all. But now my step-aunt (who I considered my real aunt) had gotten fired from her job and we had to move to some podunk cheap little town so we wouldn't become homeless. And Mystic Falls was the cheapest little town she could find. I didn't blame her for getting fired or for having to move, but why did we have to move so far away? God, I hate my life.

Arriving in the town, Jess (my step-aunt), drove around for a while, trying to find the house she'd bought. After 15 minutes or so, we found it. It was a nice,big house with a large porch and nice yard. There was even a wooden swing on the porch, and someone was sitting on it.

We pulled up to the house and got out, and the guy got up and came down the stairs to greet us. He looked extremely familiar, though I couldn't pinpoint where i'd seen him before.

"Hello. I've been sent by the mayor to welcome you to our little town. I'm Damon Salvatore." Aunt Jess shook his hand, smiling her most flirtatious smile.

Damon was maybe 5'9" (only an inch taller then me!) and had the most beautiful blue eyes i'd ever seen, rivaling even my own. His scruffy black hair and leather jacket gave the impression that maybe he was a bad boy, reaffirmed when he smirked, noticing me looking at him.

"Hello, i'm Damon." I took his hand and shook it lightly, before sticking my hands deep into my hoodie pockets.

"Carrie. Nice to meet you." He grinned and led me and Aunt Jess up to the house.

"I'll assume you two ladies know some of the basics of the house, like the 2 bedrooms and finished basement. There's some furniture inside, though not much, mostly just tables and chairs. Let's go inside, shall we?" He pulled out a key and unlocked the door, and let Aunt Jess and I inside, but he waited at the door.

"Aren't you coming inside?"

"I wouldn't want to intrude without being invited in. It's only polite." I couldn't tell if he was genuinely a gentleman, or just trying to play me. The smirk on his face when I hesitated to invite him in hinted at the latter.

"Come on in, Mr.Salvatore."

"Please, call me Damon." He came in and went to a doorway just off to the side of the dining room. "This is the basement. It's ready to be used as a bedroom or workroom, or anyhting you need. In here is the kitchen." He went into the kitchen with Aunt Jess, but I walked back outside and sat on the wooden swing. I didn't want to be in there, getting sick at how Aunt Jess was flirting so heavily with Damon, or obssessing over some stranger's face. It was pointless.

I layed on the bench and put my iPod in, blasting some Evanescence to keep me awake. When I got really bored and really tired, I usually dozed off.

As I was laying there, eyes closed and air-guitaring the beat of Sweet Sacrifice, I could hear the old porch creak as someone walked up to the swing. I opened my eyes to see Damon leaning against the porch railing, looking down at me.

"What d'you want?"

"Oh, just wondering why the neice of our newest resident left her aunt to wonder around a new place alone. I was told to show the both of you the house, and if you wanted, the city." He was a smartass, I could tell. But so was I.

"Oh really? Do you always do as you're told Mr.Salvatore?"

"No. And a little girl like you doesn't need to worry about why i'm doing this." There it was, there was the smartass side coming out. I decided to have a little fun with him.

"Well, if you're not too offended, I would like to see the rest of the city. Starting at the high school as a new kid is bad enough, but not knowing where the hell I am in the city where I live is just downright stupid. Hold on a second, would you?"

"Of course." I could see Damon's eyes staring after me as I went in the house.

Aunt Jess came downstairs and said "This house is really nice, i'm glad I bought it."

"Uh, yeah, me too. Listen, is it alright if the guy out there shows me around the city? I kinda would like to know where i'm going in the city where i'll be living."

"Sure. Like I told you, i'm just your friend, i'm not here to try to act like your mother, unless of course you want me to. Besides, that Damon Salvatore sure is cute. Get to know him a little."

"Aunt Jess!" She laughed.

"Go on, have fun. I wanna see the rest of the house anyway, and get first dibs at bedrooms." Her light brown hair twirled as she turned and went back upstairs. I went back outside to see Damon sitting on the wooden bench.

"So, where to first Mr.Salvatore?" He stood up and led me off the porch.

"Well, I didn't bring my car, so we'll have to walk. We can check out downtown first, since that's where everything is. Come on."

I walked beside Damon down the sidewalk, trying not to look over at him. The truth be told, I didn't really wanna walk with him, but I knew if I tried to explore the town alone i'd probably get lost.

"So, why'd you move to this boring little town?" Was he really trying to get to know me? Wow.

"Uh, my Aunt Jess got fired from her job so we had to move to a cheaper place. This was the cheapest housing town we could find, so she bought that place. I liked living by the Virginia-Maryland border better, but this was necassary."

"You sound pretty devoted to your aunt."

"I am. She's not my real aunt, only my step-aunt, but she's the only family I have left, and we're like sisters. Once we get around town a little, I was thinking about trying to help her find a job. Is anyone hiring around here?"

"Well, the Grill is always hiring, becasue people are always leaving. What does your aunt do?"

"Well, the job she got fired from was being an assistant manager of some restaurant-bar place, but she only got fired because she told off her boss."


"He was a perv, always trying to pick her up and sh/it, so one day she got tired of it and cursed him out. Yeah, she got fired, but I was there that day, and lemme tell you, it was hilarious. Even more so when she went to the police and got him fired afterwards for harassment." Damon chuckled and I smiled, just a little.

"Hey, she smiles! Hey, are you just as spunky as your aunt? I hear it runs in families."

"I can be...outlandish at times, but you don't need to worry about that."

"Sure I don't..." Damon stopped and approached a building the Mystic Grill. What a wonderfully imaginitive name.

Inside, it was nice, a little dim lighted for what looked to be a teenage hangout, but nice. Damon walked towards a table where a guy and a girl were sitting, and sat beside the guy. He gestured for me to sit beside the girl.

"Carrie, this is my wonderful little brother Stefan, and his quaint little girlfriend, Elena." I shook both their hands, not wanting to be rude.

"Nice to meet you both."

"You too Carrie. As Damon here was saying, i'm Stefan's girlfriend. We both go to the high school."

"Cool, that's where i'll be starting tomorrow. Maybe you could...show me around?"

"Sure. Do you want something to eat?"

"Um...yeah. I don't know what they have though...Wanna order for me? Just, nothing with vegetables please, they make me sick." She looked a little weirded out by the vegetable thing, but looked happy to get me food nonetheless.

Stefan and Damon had been silently arguing while this was going on, but stopped when Elena went to get me food. Stefan didn't look happy that Damon had brought me here, but tried to hide it well.

"So Carrie...Where're you from?"

"Some small city right by the Virgina-Maryland border. So tiny you wouldn't be able to find it on a map. My aunt and I moved down here because she got dumped from her job as a bar manager."

"Thats sad to hear...Well, are you liking our little town so far?"

"It's...nice. Seems quiet, which is a welcome change. Of course, I know that'll probably change once i'm here for a while. But i'll enjoy the peacefulness while it lasts." Stefan straightened a little as Elena came back with my food and a big cup of soda.

"Here ya go, our finest little dish in town."

"Aside from Elena's own cooking, of course. I've tasted it, and it's simply delicious." Damon smirked as Stefan gave him a dirty look. I had a feeling there was something going on between these three that they were trying to hide. I didn't know if it was something bad, but something nonetheless.

"Well, thanks for the food. Um...how much did it cost?" Elena waved her hand.

"Don't worry about it. You're new here, and i'm showing you our good town. No way would I let you pay."

"Well, thank you for that." I started eating the food and nearly melted in my seat. For dainty little Grill food, it was really good. They were definitely getting a tip. "So Elena, how long've you been with Stefan?"

"It's been a long time, about 2 years now right Stefan?" He nodded.

"Something like that. We've been really happy together." I turned to Damon, who was just coming back from getting a drink. Looked like whiskey or bourbon.

"What about you Damon? Have anyone special?" Stefan answered for him.

"My brother has feelings for someone he'll never be able to have. He's quite bitter about it."

"Oh, shut up Stefan. Just because you have a happy relationship doesn't mean you need to ruin things for me." I could practically feel the tension rolling off of Stefan and Damon as they stared eachother down. I didn't want to be there if they were going to break out into an arguement, or a fight.

"Well, I might wanna get going now. My Aunt Jess is probably wondering where I am." I handed my mostly-finished plate to the bus boy and gulped down the rest of the soda. Elena didn't look surprised that I wanted to leave, but went wide-eyed when Damon stood up.


"I brought you here, so I wouldn't want the Mayor to chew me out if you don't get home okay."

"The mayor?"

"Yeah Elena. Apparently, she sent Damon to greet me and my aunt and show us around town. I don't know why." Elena nodded.

"Just...be careful, and hurry home."

"Trust me, i'll be fine. I can take care of myself more than you know." I waved to her and Stefan as I followed Damon out the door. Before I mad much time to breath though, I felt myself whirled around and pressed up against the side of the building, Damon the one doing the pressing. "What the hell did you do that for?"

"I knew there was something up with you. The way you smell, it isn't normal. What in the hell are you?" He smirked as I struggled and a flood of memories came into the center stage of my mind. No wonder why i'd almost forgotten where i'd seen Damon before: i'd repressed nearly every memory having to do with my parent's death.

"You don't remember me? Remember about 3 years ago in Brunswick? There was quite the bloodbath after you came to town."

"So you do know...How convenient."

"Oh, I do know. More than know, actually. I was one of your stupid little party girls one weekend, too. Didn't remember it of course, until I woke up in some ditch covered in blood." I pulled Damon's arm from my neck and pushed him against the wall. He looked extremely surpised as I let him up and he straightened his jacket.

"You're a vampire?"

"Yes, among other things. After I woke up, I found out that in a crazed blood rage, I killed one of the other puppet girls. And I bet you'd never guess at what I found out I was."

"A depressed psycho-maniac?"

"Try a hybrid, you smartass. A three-way hybrid, to be exact." He definitely looked shocked at that.

"Three-way hybrid? What in the hell could you possibly be besides a vampire?" I laughed. I hadn't intended to reveal myself when I came to this town, but if there were already vampires and who-knows-what-else here, I might as well.

"Well, that involves explaining my heredity...Mom was a witch, dad was a werewolf, then you came along and I became a vampire. Turns out, the girl I killed triggered the vampire and werewolf curses at the same time. How's that for irony?" He didn't look pleased. Not one bit.

"Stay here." He ran back inside and a second later, came out with Stefan and Elena. From the look on Stefan's face, he'd heard the whole thing. "Now brother, can you possibly explain how in the hell all of this happened!?"

"No. I've never seen anything like this before, not even from Klaus. He's only half-vampire/half-werewolf, and we have no idea how him and the other Originals were transformed. Her being a hybrid and a witch...It's impossible." I laughed and they looked at me oddly. Wow, to have laughed at something like that, my demented side must be coming out today.

"Well, however it happened, it happened. And you have your wonderful brother here to thank for the transformation. Though, I must admit, seeing the look on his face just now when I told him, it was priceless. Wish I would've gotten a picture. Oh, and if you're wondering if i'll slaughter all the town residents, I won't. I don't need to feed on blood if I eat enough food. Thanks for the chicken Elena, it was delicious." As they all stood around, awestruck and silent, I resisted the urge to laugh again. They might think I really was demented and evil.

"So, are we going Damon, or are you now put-off by the idea of walking alongside someone more powerful than yourself?" A low growl emitted from him and he wrenched me along.

"Let's go." Stefan put a hand on his shoulder.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Damon shrugged him away and pulled me along.

Once we were a safe distance away, he let go of me and hurried along.

"Oh, Damon?"


"Aren't you going to walk alongside me? It'd be a shame if the Mayor drove by and saw you were angry with me." He glared and slowed down to a walking pace beside me. "Sorry about all that, i'm really not that crazy. Most of the time."

"And is it really true? All of it?"

"Of course it is, why would I lie?"

"And exactly how did my blood get in your system?"

"You fed it to me, of course. Didn't remember that until after I changed though."

"And how'd you die?"

"You drained me and left me somewhere. I woke up 2 days later in the bloody ditch because when I killed the girl, I transformed right away into the werewolf form. Didn't even know I was one until then. The witch part, I knew, but not the werewolf part. The upside is I only change when I want to, not just on the full moon. And because of the witch and werewolf parts, I can go out in the sunlight. Just like an Original." He made a noise as we approached my house.

"How much do you know."

"About vampires and werewolves and junk? Everything there is to know. I may have only been turned for 3 years, but one can pick up a lot when they have a bunch of tricks up their sleeve. Like being able to compel vampires younger or weaker than myself. Usually useless at my age."

"So how can you live with that aunt of yours not being able to age?"

"Well, I didn't move in with her until about 10 months ago. I should be good until i'm supposed to be 19 or 20, because I already look that age. After that...I don't know."

"You can't just compel her to forget how old you are?" I glared at him and Damon said "What?!"

"I'm not going to do that. Despite me being a crazy freak, I do have feelings, and i'd never do that to my aunt. I'm not the lonely sad jealous brother that you are."

"Lonely? Jealous?" We got to my house and I sat on the steps while Damon towered over me.

"Yup. You think I don't see how you look at Elena? It's quite pathetic, if you ask me. Being in love with your brother's girlfriend...You really need a life."

"You're one to talk."

"Yeah, but at least I admit my shortcomings. You deny them. So, it's been a pleasure to meet you again. Hope we can chat some other time Damon."

"In your dreams." I chuckled a little and stood up face-to-face with him.

"Oh, i'd rather say in yours." I grabbed the sides of his face and he struggled, but couldn't get free. Oh goody, my plan would work. I looked him sraight in the eyes, the way a vampire had to if they were compelling someone. "Damon Salvatore, you will dream of me every night, daydream about me every day, and come to see me whenever I want. Do you understand?"

He grudgingly said "I understand."

"Good." I let him go and he stumbled back a few feet. "You really should get back to drinking the warm human stuff. Animal blood and refridgerated human blood won't get you very strong. Trust me. If you'd been drinking the warm human stuff like you used to, I would've never been able to do that. See you Damon." He gave me one last glare before speeding off at vampire speed.

Despite the facade I let him see, I didn't really want to do that. I just needed some help. If I was going to survive in a town with this much supernatural activity, I couldn't do it alone, despite my strength. I didn't know if Original vampires could compel me like they did normal vampires, and if I was left all alone with everything I was feeling...That would not be pretty. I seldom, if ever, used my witch powers to do anything, so I knew they were bottled up and building. One of these days, I was going to burst out with more energy than I could handle, I knew it. The same with my wolf and vampire sides. I hadn't made the wolf transformation in at least 2 years, and about the same amount of time with drinking a human's blood. I could supress my urges very well, to the point where they were almost gone, but these days it's been harder to control myself, especially this afternoon. Realizing who Damon was, and his brother and Elena, made my blood pressure spike and my wolf self climb to the surface. If they'd yelled more or tried to harm me in any way, I don't know if I would've been able to keep myself from changing. Or at the least, ripping some of Damon's limbs off.

God, wasn't this just a wondeful first day in Mystic Falls. Can't wait to see tomorrow.

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