J'aime une tête rouge (Ron Weasley Love Story)

Well story form is eaiser. So sticking to this. And if you want to know what the two voices are go here: http://www.freewebs.com/creature159/index.htm So What do you think so far? Haha random laughing moment!! I LOVE MY READERS!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

The Irish Pheonix and The Giant Spider

by: HeheYoshi
Not having anywhere to go you roamed around the castle. The one back in France was bigger, and light blue. This castle was more pleasing. You had been walking for a while just thinking about so many things, not realizing that you were outside. “Lila we’re watching.” You heard, “Leave me alone!” I screamed “Awe is little Lila scared that she going to lose somebody like the last time she heard us.”

Thinking back trying to remember these voices you remembered them from the night your parents were killed. But the voices were always with you then. You thought they were just imaginary friends. “Did you miss us?” The voice said “Not particularly.” You said. You never thought you would see their faces again. One had golden eyes and silvery hair with his best smile on his face, the other had silvery eyes and golden hair with the saddest look on her face. She was always being yelled at by her brother.

“Well if you missed us that much then why didn’t you say so?” The boy said sarcastically. Ugh. What was his name again, Ash, Abe, Arco. No, no, no, none of those. Umm… think Lila. “Acromantula.” You heard in your head. (Acro for short) Acro came out of the woods “Now you remember my name, took you long enough.” “What do you want Acromantula?” you say fuming “Now look who’s getting demanding,” he said then screamed “Augury get out here!” “You’ve probably been demanding your whole life Acro.” You said getting nervous.
He walks closer and whispers in your ear “Don’t worry when I kill you it will only hurt a lot.” he was turning back into the 10 foot spider he was. He (well now it) crawls closer to you just about to kill when “Stupefy!” you hear someone yell. Everything goes black.
“Is she going to be okay?” You hear a voice say, it was a boy you knew but you couldn’t place his name. “Ron, I’ve told you this a million times we’ll just have to wait.” This voice belonged to a bushy headed know-it-all. (Can you all see how much I absolutely hate Hermione?) But something the girl said clicked. Ron, could it possibly be the funny ginger. “But Hermione, I almost peed my pants saving her from the person who turned into a spider, I deserve to see her when she wakes up and Madame Pomefry will kick us out in 15 minutes.” Yep defiantly the funny ginger
When I heard that I knew that they both cared about me. Both Ron and Hermione (and occasionally Harry) stayed with me as much as they could. One day it was just Ron in there with me. “I love you Lila Rune, I’ve spent half a year without you, and I only knew you for one day so don’t die on me,” Ron whispered in my ear “I think I might have a chance with you if you ever wake up, so let me have that chance Lila, please let me have that chance.” Then he kissed me on the forehead, and I drifted off to sleep.
“She’s a fighter,” I heard someone say “I would’ve been gone by now.” “Me too,” Another voice said “wait guys she’s moving!” “You better not be joking Harry.” I heard Ron say with a door closing behind him. "I’m not look do you see her hand,” the voice I now knew was Harry said “It’s moving!” Never heard this boy be so excited, then again I only knew all these people for a day “Harry her hand is twitching not moving.” Hermione said but with excitement in her voice “That’s good right, Hermione.” Ron’s voice filled with hopefulness. “Yes, Ron that means she’s going to live, her brain’s working.” Hermione said cheerfully. My brain had been working the whole time but now I knew I was sure i going to live.
Without realizing it, I drifted to sleep. I have had a long 5 months and I was getting bored of it quickly. Sometimes I would force my eyes to open, even though it hurt and I couldn’t blink. The first time my eyes were open while I was in the informatory, was right before the sun rose. When it did I thought to myself good Moring sunshine I missed you. Despite what you would think keeping your eyes closed after 5 months, it hurts when you open them… a lot.

I’ll probably update in 2 days but I’m tired. Sorry this one wasn’t that good, but its 1:55 in the morning and I’m tired. So good night or morning or whatever.

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