100 TRUTHS yeaaaaa:)

ok EVERYONE'S been doing these lately so i thought i oughta make one too =]] plus i was bored ;P so here goes!
& comment if u like/remember TMNT!!! xDD lol

Chapter 1

trumpet fare thingy PRESENTING... MY "100" TRUTHS!!! :P (really 95, if u ask me xDD)

by: Savages
1. Last drink: orange juice, YUMMAH=]

2. Last phone call: uhh i'm on the fone with my friend right now actually

3. Last text message: earlier on my way 2 the grocery store i sent a txt to my friend saying "lol im at kroger now and the wind totally ruined my hair :P" what?? it was windy!!

4. Last song I listened to: "Happily Ever After" by He Is We (luvvv this song ♥)

5. Last time I cried: uhh i guess a month ago, cant remember why though :P guess i was just mad


6. Gotten back with someone I broke up with: nope

7. Been cheated on: no

8. Kissed someone & regretted it: no

9. Lost someone special: yea...

10. Been depressed: yes. a number of times. but it doesnt last forever :P

11. Been drunk and threw up: NO!


12. neon blue/ neon green

13. hot pink

14. black (goes great with neon colors!! =D)


15. Made a new friend(s): yes (on here--at camp--at this kind of choir thing) :DD lol and they're AWESOME (the new friends i mean xD)

16. Fallen out of love: mm-hmm :P

17. Laughed until you cried: yess almost ALL THE TIME with my friends xDD

18. Met someone who changed me this year: not really, but i hope this means "not yet" =]

19. Found out who my true friends are: i've already known =]

20. Found out someone who has just been talking about me: again, i already knew she did =P but it was the first time i heard her myself, she was being pretty loud

21. Kissed anyone on Facebook: no i dont have one :P hey, it is a truth!

22. How many of your Quibblo friends do you know in real life: like, 4 xD the one who made me make one, one who already had one too, and 2 ppl that decided 2 join after me! :)

23.......jams out to music playing in my head

24. Pets: a white german shepherd :DD named Whitey :) (hey, we got him when i was like 3!!) we used to have a buncha fish in our pond up front...but they all died O.o ... o yea & we used 2 have a pet turtle named Speedy!

25. Changing name: idk. i like my name. its..."UNIQUE" =]] but i would probably change my name to Karma if i could/wanted to =]

26.Last birthday: november, celebrated with my friends at school & celebrated more with my fam afterwardzz

27. Time I woke up: like, 1pm (hey, in my defense, its summer and its SATURDAY, usually i would put, like 6am :P)

28. At midnight: I was chatting with a new friend i made on quibblo =]

29. Something I can't wait for: 2 see my friends again!! :DD

30. Last time I saw my Mother: like 5 minutes ago..?

31. One thing I could change: nothing...at the moment at least

32. Listening to: "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer (u know, that song that most ppl remember from waaaayyy long ago!!?? or maybe thats just me O.o) nvm just got changed to "Secret Valentine" by We the Kings

33. Talked to a person named Tom: Yeah, my teacher? xDD

34. Getting on my nerves: uhh when ppl bring up the song "friday" on a friday..."ok, it was funny the first few times guys, but jokes start to get old around the 1000000000000000000000000000 mark" =P

35. Most visited web page: Quibblo. and youtube, cuz that's where i listen 2 my music =D

36. Real name: wow stalker-ish much? jk, call me chery5l but the 5 is silent!

37. Nicknames: chery (pronounced SHerry), cherry (/yes,/ like the fruit), maemae (thank GAWRSH this one didnt stick), lady (well when my friend calls me this she says it really loudly so i guess it should b "LADYY!!!!" xDD), Eunice (inside joke), bfftiimh, Cherella (sp? idk u'd hav 2 ask my friend x]) & some i cant remember

38. Relationship status: single & loving it =]] lol

39. Zodiac sign.... Scorpio FTW :D

40. Gender: female durr

41. Primary school: elementary u mean? easier times

42. Middle school:1 more year 2 go, its been funn...but all my friends r leaving my school... :'(( same school as "primary" btw

43. High school: im kinda scared, but psyched at the same time =] idk fer sure which skool im gonna go 2 though! :o

44. Hair color: black, in certain lights has hints of dark brown, but i wanna dye the tips eventually =]

45. Length: USED 2 b super long, but its a few inches past my shoulder now

46. Height: 5'3 i think

47.........do do do do do do do do do hums random songs =]

48. What do I really like about myself: idk...i like when i sing cuz i feel good when i do? O.o (i hope that answer works)

49. Piercings: None & dont really plan on getting any! =]

50. Tattoos: none

51. Right or left: LEFTY :DD im special xDD


52. Surgery:i think i had one on my neck when i was a baby...? oh yeah, i did, now i have a tiny white scar on the right side of my neck...i've been told it looks like a dog bone...i think thats y im a dog lover =]] well, that and a cat scratched me when i was little so i decided right then i would be a dog lover =P lol

53. Piercing: again, Don't have any!!!

54. Best friend: Maddie =]

55-59: so this is more like 95 truths then? O.o soooo confuzzled right now

60. I'm about to: take a sip of orange juice. fascinating, huh? :P

61. Listening to: isnt this like the 3rd time this has been asked? well, now the answer is "kiss me slowly" by parachute--NOPE just changed to "just a kiss" by lady antebellum =]

62. Waiting for: idk, i figure out what i'm waiting for when i figure out what i want, u know? :/ SOMETHING, i guess...

63. I'm feeling: random...hungry...bored...multiple things shrugs

(hey, r #67-74 about wat we like in relationships or something? idk, but thats how im gonna answer'em..i guess :P)

67. Lips or eyes: Eyes

68. Hugs or kisses: hugz =] well, both actually

69. Shorter or taller: generally, taller

70. Older or younger: older

71. Romantic or spontaneous: romantic <3

72. Stomach or arms: hmm i'd have 2 go with both xDD but it doesnt really matter, if i really care about them

73. Sensitive or loud: both

74. A hook-up or relationship: relationship obviously


75. Kissed a stranger: lol ill pass xDD

76. Drank hard liquor: nope & to be honest, i dont plan to

77. Lost glasses or contacts: yes...but i found'em!! like, 2 days later... :P

78. S^x on first date: uhh NO nasty...

79. Broken someone's heart: hmm i dont think so

80. Been arrested: no... puts on totally innocent face

81. Turned someone down: yes. (hey, i have 2 b honest)

82. Cried when someone died: yes, i knew him a bit, but i was a lot closer to his younger siblings

83. Fallen for a friend: no...wait...yeah, its still a no. xDD


84. Myself: yes, but i have some moments where i just cant :/ but like i said, they dont last forever

85.............. cricket chirps awkward...goes off 2 listen to music :D (told u im addicted 2 music)

86. Heaven: yes!

87. Santa Claus: uhh the idea? if u get what i mean.. just 2 keep the "spirit of Christmas" alive for my baby cousins, or else Christmas would be a bore :o

88............RAWRRRR stoppppp!!!!

89. Angels: yupp

90. God: YES


91. Had more than one bf at a time: no way that would be terrible & would END terribly

92. Did I sing today: HECK YEAH!! :D

93. Did something illegal: idk, maybe when i download my music sometimes...NO, I MEAN IM INNOCENT

94. Go back in time: if i had the chance to, why not?? that would be kinda kool actually =O

95. sigh blankness, AGAIN

96. Afraid of falling in love: a bit. but i think its worth it, u live, u learn right?

97. Last time I lied: uhh earlier when i said...ok nvm i lied just now :P

98. Late, early, or Right on time: hmm...USUALLY late, never on time, OCCASIONALLY early--aww heck who am i kidding, im always late :P

99. Give my life for others: yeah. well since this is truths, i wouldnt give my life for a total stranger, u know? but yeah, of course! if they mean a whole lot to me

100. Am I afraid to post this: yeah, a bit (hey, this is 95 truths, im not gonna lie!)


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