a dream i had on september 12 2010

I recalled an amazing dream this morning. This was once again one of the one’s that was centered on this one girl I like and the relationship I wished I had with her. I don’t remember much of the dream but what I do remember filled me with emotions. This dream reminded me of how a director would make a scene from a movie (it looked like I was watching a movie, more 3rd person than 1st person views).

Chapter 1

(it's only a dream so it doesn't really have chapters)

In this dream I was talking with her and wondering why it was that she hadn’t been talking to me for some time. She began to go into this long explanation that didn’t make enough sense for me to believe so I asked her very bluntly, even cutting her off in mid sentence “Do you really have to lie to me? All I want is an answer and you can’t even supply me with that.” My words must have struck a chord because her expression had signs of guilt and regret. She told me to follow her and we ran down the street to an old abandoned house. We ducked in through the partially boarded up doorway, catching webs with our hair. I was wondering what the reason for going into this place was, my one conclusion: it was an important secret, something that could only be entrusted to my ears and those of the ghosts shackled within this house, destined to never leave. Naturally my deduction was correct but the news had shocked me even more than where she decided to deliver it. She told me that she was with Johnny (in real life they are best friends) now and that she used to have strong feelings for me, still did but we couldn’t be together. She told me the reason that she had to keep her distance was that Johnny’s father was a powerful man and if Johnny ever found out she had the faintest feelings for me things would not end well. I know that what I did next may not have been the smartest thing to do but I was overcome by emotion. It was true that her shutting me out had deeply hurt me emotionally, but she only did it because of her love for me, she didn’t want anything really bad to happen to me. Passion was running through my veins yet again, no longer was I depressed thinking my love would never feel the same way of me as I did her, the flame I thought was rightfully dying out had gained enough strength to decimate an entire forest. I kissed her, losing myself in her soft lips and warm embrace. She pulled back after a few moments, I realized I had made a grave mistake I too stopped and took a couple of shameful steps back. This woman had wanted me all the time but we both knew it was a forbidden love, one that could never know the joy of truly existing. Alas even with the knowledge that it was not meant to be neither of us could restrain ourselves. After the emotions had settled a bit I had to take the time to take in the information. I sat down on an old dust infested bed simply contemplating. It could be no more than a minute before she got on the bed from the other side standing on her knees coming closer until she was right behind me with her arms around my neck. As wrong as we both knew it was to have this affair behind someone’s back it felt like nothing could stop us. She laid down on the bed with her head in my lap, her hand holding mine. It didn’t matter to us whether we were in an old dusty room or a palace with the finest silk under our feet, all we cared about was being together those few precious moments.


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