things that will get you kicked out of Wal-mart

these are the things that will get kicked you of wal-mart if you have any more ideas commet thks :P

I know the spelling sucks

Chapter 2

the list part 2(11 more)

11:dress up in a Grim Reaper costume and wave to random people saying"sup"
12:hide in the trash cans with the swing lids and randomly pop out
13:run through the store suspiciously humming the mission:Impossible theme song
14:get a chocolate bar,go to the bathroom,smear it on you hand and reach under the stall and ask"can i have some toilet paper"
15:jump on the carts and start singing "i'm a little teapot" complete with dance
16:throw skittles at ppl saying "taste the friggin rainbow"
17:switch the mens and the womens signs on the restroom door quickly
18:put a 20 dollar bill on a fishing pole and have fun :)
19:use the security camera as a mirror and pick ur nose
20:get a few camping chairs,a 12 pack of beer,take them over to the electronics,and see whats on t.vs
21:get GIANT bouncy balls and throw them at ppl yelling "Hannah Montana i choose you!!"

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