things that will get you kicked out of Wal-mart

these are the things that will get kicked you of wal-mart if you have any more ideas commet thks :P

I know the spelling sucks

Chapter 1

the list(first 10)

1:get a panda bear suit and a tennis racket and run around smacking peoples butts.
2:when people are not looking,put random stuff in their cart( see a mom and a teen girl,put condoms in their cart)
3:get a cart and a nerf soard and yell "the british are comming,the british are comming
4:Yell Red Robin and count how many people yell Yum
5:get a wal-mart greeter shirt and when people walk in say"welcome to wal-mart get your $ h ! T and get out
6:hide in the clothes rack and when someone comes to look,jump out and say"welcome to narnia!"
7:go into the changing room and wait a few min.then yell"I'm out of toilet paper!"
8:get a nerf gun and shoot at random people saying "your it."
9:get tomato juice and make a trail to the lady's room
10:have someone distrack the manger and over the intercom sing"now the party dont start till i walk in"

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