For Those of You Who Read My Things XD

Well, most of other people who are writing numerous things have these up, so I might as well do the same xD I'm an organized person (somewhat) and I'd like to stay that way.

I'll post updates about my stories and writings every few days or so :)

Chapter 1


Alpha and Omega (not the movie)
Finished!! If you haven't read it yet, then I suggest you do ;D Comments are welcome. Please and thank you!

A Collection of Poems
I've put up two new ones the past two days: Chapter 10 "I Love You For You" and Chapter 11 "Because of You". Check 'em out when you can ^_^

Song Stories
Working on listening to all the recommendations you guys have given me. There's a few others, however, that I myself might want to write first, but you all are not forgotten! If you left me a recommendation for a song story, then thank you and I will do my best to get to them :)

Hell Has Walls
Postponed. Was originally laid off for "Alpha and Omega (not the movie)", but as some of you know, I might be writing yet another werewolf story as a sequel to the first one. However, I might put up at least the prologue to satisfy you guys for a little bit x)

There might just be a significant amount of "others" here. Last night, I saw Green Lantern, and absolutely loved the movie! It kind of inspired me to start my own little fanfic of sorts off of the movie. The fanfic will basically be about the life of a teenage Green Lantern, the youngest in all of the galaxies :D
While I'm on the topic of other stories, I might just start a little min-series, of a sort, about a mythical creatures high school. Werewolves, vampires, zombies, stuff of the like. It'll basically be the life and experiences of a high school werewolf.
To both of the possible story ideas: I'll be basing some of the events and chapters in the stories off of real life occurrences and happenings, mostly mine. HOWEVER, if you want to have a chapter based off of something you did, then go ahead and message me with your experience, and I'll see what i can do =D (I promise not to lose the list this time! xD)

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