Get It Right!

Get It Right!

What would happen if Tom Riddle had a daughter? A daughter of the same age as Potter? A daughter that doesn't want to be part of the "family buisness"? A daughter that is the complete opposite of him? A daughter that falls for an enemy,a blood traitot...a weasley? What will happen to her?

Song for the story: Get It Right-Glee Cast (Will explain later on the story why)
Things will change a bit!!!!

Chapter 1

Getting To Know Kiara Riddle

Name: Kiara Riddle
Year: First
Hair: Multi Color
Eyes: Black
Height: 5'4
Personality: Playful, brave, shy at first, loves to laugh, is hurting inside but never shows it
Bio: Her dad is the Dark Lord, her mother is unknown. Rumor has it that when she was born her dad killed her mom. She isn't that close to her father considering she doesn't see him a lot, he is always out on "buisness". She is verry insucre about herself and what she's capable of. She doesn't want to follow in her dad's footsteps.

I was on my way to the train. My dad couldn't come with me considering he can't be seen. I waled up to the plateform that had 9 and 10. I knew exactly what to do, my dad had told me a million times. I ranned through it crossing over. When i was on the other side it was much more crowded and loud. I quickly loaded the train.I found an empty compartment. I sat put my trunk on top and sat down. I looked outside the window hoping Hogwarts will be a nice change for me. I started imagening how things would have been different if my last name wasn't Riddle...if my dad didn't send me to this school just to try and take him the famouse Harry Potter....something I don't want to do! I started remembering what he had told me.
"Harry Potter only wants to hurt you and me you understand?,"asked my dad
why would he want to hurt me if he doesn't even know me,I thought but nodded
"So you bring him to me and I'll make him pay,"he said.
Someone brought me back by knocking on the window. "Can I sit here?,"asked a puffy hair girl. "Help yourself,"I said. She got in and said,"Thanks." She put her trunk away and sat right next to me. "Hello I'm Hermione Granger,"she said extanding her hand. "Hi I'm Kiara,"I said shaking her hand,while making sure to leave out my last name. "That's a verry pretty and unique name,"she said smiling. "Thanks,"I replied smiling. "Love your hair its very colorful,"she said. "Thanks...your is nice too,"I replied. Then we heard a knock, we turn to see two boys standing there. One had glasses and black hair,while the other had red hair. "Mind if we sit here...every where else is full,"said the black hair one. "Sure,"I said. "Thanks,"the both said entering and putting their stuff away. The red hair one sat across from Hemione while the other one across from me. "We'll hi I'm Hermione Granger,"said Hermione introducing herself,I can tell she loves to talk. "I'm Ron Weasley,"said the red hair one. "I'm Harry Potter,"said the black hair one. As soon as I heard his name my pulse started to race. The guy my dad has been hunting for years is itting right across from me. "And what's your name?,"asked Harry. "Kiara,"I replied as calm as possible. How can this be happening? "So is it true about the-,"said Ron touching his forehead. "Scar?,"asked Harry. "Yeah,"said Ron. "Yeah its true,"he said. "Can we see it?,"asked Hermione. Harry lifted his hair and their was the mark my father did. "Are you okay Kiara?,"asked Hermione. "Yeah,"I replied.
Kiara calm down he won't hurt you your dad lied he won't hurt you, I thought. That calmed me down. "Are you sure?,"asked Ron. "Yeah just a bit tired,"I said more reasuring. They let it go.You guys talked for the rest of the ride. You got to now eachother pretty well. "We better go put on our robes,"said Hermione. I simply nodded. I stood up and got mine and followed her. We change pretty fast,when we got back Ron and........Harry had theirs on. It must be hard to say his name because ever since I was a little girl my dad told me he was out to get me. And eventhough I know thats not true, I still feel afraid. When we got there a tall man was gathering up the first years. We went with hm. Then we went on boats towards a beautiful castle.When we got inside I was walking with Hermione when someone passed me. He turn and looked at me and snickered. "Freak,"he said. "Excause me!?,"I asked him. "You heard me,"he said. "You better watch your mouth you don't know who I am,"I said menacenly. "And you don't know who I am,"he replied. "Hey man just leave her alone,"said Ron defending me. "Oh shut up are a Weasley right? Imean with those looks,"he said. Ron just looked down embarassed. "That's what i thought,"he said. Then he turn to Harry. "Which means you are Harry Potter the boy who lived Im Draco Malfoy,"he said. By now people were looking. "Why don't you hang out with us,we are better than these mudblood and traitors,"said the Draco. "For your information I'm a pureblood,"I told him. "But you are are a traitor aren't you?,"hr said. "You'll be surprise,"I told him. He was about to reply when an older women came and told us we were gonna be sorted to the right house. When we walked though those big doors everybody stared at us. Inside was beautiful,candles floating and with four huge tables. We walked to the front of the room. "When I call your name please step foward,"said the women. People came and go. Hermione got Grynffindor,and Draco Slythrin,go figure. "Potter,Harry,"as soon as she said the name everybody lowered their voices and started whispering. He got Gryffindor,the table went wild. "Weasley,Ronald,"she said. He looked like he was about to pass out. "Grynffindor!!!,"yelled the hat.The table went wild again. He passedthrough me and whispered good luck. I simply smiled. I saw the woman hesitate before she saidthe name. "Riddle,Kiara,"the whole room went silent,you couldn't hear anything. I started to walk foward. I looked over at Malfoy he Jaw dropped. The whole Slytherin table started to smile. All the teacher stared at me,even the headmaster. I saw Harry,Hermione,and Ron in disbelief. I sat on the stool and they put the hat on me. "Hmmm?,"the hat started to say. "I see you are a lot like your dad...maybe Slytherin.....but I alsosee you are smart maybe are loyal like a Hufflepuff...but you are also as brave as a Grynffindor,"It said. I stayed calmed as everybody stared and listened. "I have made my decision......."........TBC????


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