The Pillowforts

Well, this is my family, the Pillowforts. We live in a pillow fort, and just read the story b/c I don't really know what to say about it in this little box XD

oh, btw, all of these pl are real on Quibblo. these are not made up characters, just adventures XD

Chapter 1

Introducing the Pillowforts

Well, before we get started, I think the Pillowforts should be introduced first. I'll probably have to update this a lot - our family just keeps growing!

Amber Pillowfort (me): The Queen of Pillows.

Dwight Pillowfort: The King of Pillows

Sally Pillowfort: Princess of Pillows, Daughter of King and Queen.

Jow Pillowfort: Dark Prince of Pillows, Son of King and Queen

Callie Pillowfort: Sister of the Queen, Sister-In-Law of the King, Good Twin

Cristi Pillowfort: Sister of the Queen, Sister-In-Law to the King, Evil Twin
(In case you haven't noticed, Callie and Cristi are Twins)
Ellie: Royal Kitty of the Pillowfort family

Alexx: Ghost Dog of the Pillowfort family

Jeff: Alive Dog of the Pillowfort family

Ash: Kangaroo of the Pillowfort family

Dom & Pierce: Royal Knights of the Pillowforts

Pierce: Also the Whore (XD)

Samm: The Royal Hamster

Trevvy: The 6 foot 1 tall House Elf

Noni: The Butterfly

Aryn: The Royal Cow

Teagz: The Hiccuping Pygmy Puff

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