Advice Column

Chapter 1

Advice Column


Someone on Quibblo inspired me to do an Advice Column, so here it is.

Here is how this thing is going to work, and if you do not read carefully and follow instructions, chances are, mistakes will be made and your question will not be answered. Follow all instructions, no questions asked.

Sorry about that, I've posted clear instructions in the past and have had a lot of questions about them- although it is good to ask questions.

Anyways, back on track. I'd prefer you NOT COMMENT on this quiz or on my profile, that way things can stay private and annonymous, which avoids conflict. Instead, please message me, with the Subject as "Advice Column". If you do not put that as the subject, your message could accidently be deleted without me knowing it.

I would prefer we keep this in letter type format. That way I can just copy and paste. BY THE WAY: IF YOU DO NOT LIKE USING PROPER GRAMMAR, WHEN I PUT IT IN THE CHAPTER IT WILL BE EDITED BY ME. If there is a word or phrase that I do not have any understanding of, it will be taken out, and revised to make the sentence work. Now it would be a huge help if you could use proper grammar.

Here is an example (written off the top of my head, by me). If the phrase is in brackets, it's my words to you.:

Dear WritingFanatic/Sam, (either one is fine. Sammy/Sammie is also cool. Saman Saman is what my friend calls me, if your feeling wild feel free to use that too XD)

I was at school today when a girl by the name of Amber came up to me and punched me in the face. Anger got the best of me and I punched her back. We ended up in a fit fight on the hallway floor. My boyfriend saw- and was not happy. He broke up with me. What should I do?!

-(Insert name/nickname/random name; you may remain annonymous if you choose though I would like you to put something into this space, even if it's like 'Pear' :P)

So that is the way I'd like it to be done. :) And hopefully yours will be in the next chapter (unless I have an over flow of advice-seeking Quibblo Users :P). It will show exactly what you have written, so if you want it annonymous send it to me that way. Underneath, in the same type of format, it will have my reply to you.

If anything is not clear, let me know. :)

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