Some things are strange at The Cullens house. Each of The Cullens and Jacob are disapearing. The lights are turning on and off. The windows and doors won't open. Something must be haunting The Cullens house.

Chapter 1


Me,Edward,Jacob and Renesmee went to The Cullens house like always. When we got inside Jacob started playing with Renesmee I don't call her Nessie anymore. What kind of mother would nickname her daughter after a monster? Me:"Hey Alice what's wrong you look scared." I was worried. Alice:"When you,Edward,Jacob and Renesmee went to the cottage something happened." Me:"What?" I was getting really worried I could tell by her voice it wasn't a fashion emergency. Alice:"A ghost was here." Me:"Really? A ghost hahahahaha." Jasper:"She's not lieing." Me:"What happened?" Jacob,Edward and Renesmee came next to me all The Cullens went beside Alice and Jasper. Emmett:"It's true a ghost is haunting us." Me:"How do you know?" Carlisle:"The lights were turning on and off." Me:"It could've been Emmett or somebody else." Carlisle:"Emmett and Rosalie were in their room. Alice was watching tv. Esme was reading a book like I was. Then everybody came downstairs we tried to go outside but the doors wouldn't open we used our full vampire strength together it still wouldn't open." Esme:"We tried to open the windows and again they wouldn't open then we heard a voice saying You will not leave you all will stay with me forever." Renesmee:"Mommy I'm scared." Me:"It's ok." Then the lights turned off. Me and Renesmee and someone else:"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The lights turned back on and Renesmee and EMMETT were hugging me. Me:"Emmett get off." The lights turned off again and didn't turn back on. Me:"Let's get out of here." We all went to he door it wouldn't open. Me and Jacob tried to call Charlie,Billy and The Wolves but their was no reception. We went to the window and like what Esme said it wouldn't open. Then we heard a voice. Voice:"I want one of you I will start with the one who's name starts with an A." Then we heard screaming then the lights were on. Me:"WHERE'S ALICE?!" Jacob:"He said the name that starts with an A. Alice's name starts with an A!!!!!" Oh my god this could not be happening.

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