Set at end of Eclipse Bella is desperate for alone time with Edward. They have had little time together with planning the wedding, and avoiding further dangers. She arranges for the perfect minivacation. Will Edward go along? What will happen?

Not mine, but as always hope you enjoy it :)

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

by: jellybab
I rolled over yawning as I reached out next to me for Edward, but found nothing. I sat up quickly in bed feeling a little dizzy searching the room for him. He wasn't there. Suddenly I smelt the most delicious smell coming from down the hall, pancakes. I inhaled deeply sliding out of bed as I stretched.

"Edward?" I asked as I started to make my way down the hall.

"In the kitchen." He confirmed.

I smiled as I entered the living area watching Edward prepare breakfast for me. I sat down on one of the stools at the breakfast bar as he skillfully flipped my pancakes into a plate.

"Thank you." I replied as he set the plate in front of me and handed me a fork.

He leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. "Good morning."

I slowly began eating my pancakes enjoying the taste when it hit me, where did he get the food?

"Edward?" I asked after I had cleared my mouth, "Where did the food come from?"

He chuckled, "I went shopping early this morning while you were sleeping. This way there is no need to go out." He walked slowly to my side and bent his head resting his lips to my ear. "I couldn't have a repeat performance like last night at dinner. You are mine this weekend, and mine alone."

I shivered at his words and silently returned to eating my food enjoying every bite. With the last mouthful Edward grabbed my plate and began washing it against my protests.

"I can clean up after myself you know." I told him sharply folding my arms.

"Oh I know." He replied with a smile in his voice.

He was done cleaning up the kitchen just as I sat down on the couch in the living room. I watched as he gracefully walked over to sit next to me and smiled as he wrapped his arm around me.

"So what would you like to do today?" He asked.

"Hmm." I said as I cuddled closer into his chest closing my eyes. "This is nice."

I felt him shake around me, "This is all want to do today, sit here and sleep?"

I lifted my head to look at him. "I'm not sleeping." I replied indignantly. "I'm cuddling." I muttered softer dropping my head back to his chest.

"I see." He murmured as he traced his fingers along the warm skin of my arm causing me to shiver.

In a move too fast for me to see he grabbed me and laid me down on top of him on the couch. I folded my arms across his chest and rested my chin there as I took in every one of his perfect features. He closed his eyes slowly and began to hum as his hands rubbed gently up and down my back.

I moved one of my arms from under my chin and brought my hand to his face. Ever so softly I began to trace over his features. Slowly I ran my fingers across each one of his eyes gently outlining the purple circles found underneath. He would need to hunt soon. I sighed inwardly as my fingers moved to his cheek and danced along his check bone. I trailed down little by little as I allowed my forefinger to run along the out line of his jaw back and forth. I could feel his breathing increase under my touch and I smiled pleased with the reaction I was causing. I saved his mouth for last. With exaggerated slowness I moved my fingers up his jaw to his mouth and as gently as a feather passed my fingers across. He parted his lips and exhaled unevenly as my fingers fluttered by. His cool breath made me shudder as I leaned in to breath in his scent. I began to trace the outline of his lips as his jaw tensed and he opened his eyes. They were filled with a strong hunger that took my breath away. Not a hunger for my blood, but for my body.

I smiled enjoying myself as he again closed his eyes, and decided to have a little fun. I gingerly dropped my head and progressively placed soft wet kisses along his chest and neck. I felt his hands tighten into fists around my back as a soft moan escaped his lips. I giggled to myself as I gently began to untangle myself from him and get up off the couch.

His eyes shot open and he looked at me confused, "Where are you going?" He managed to choke out in a rough voice.

"I need to shower." I replied with a straight face.

"Now?" He asked in a strained voice reaching for me.

I could hold my laughter in no longer and a small giggle escaped my lips before I could respond. I watched as he narrowed his eyes at me and growled menacingly.

I yelped and ran for the bathroom knowing I would not get far before he would catch me, laughing the whole way. Suddenly he appeared in front of me with his arms crossed in front of him.

I backed away slowly with my hands up in surrender. "Now Edward. I was just having a little fun." I explained hurriedly.

He raised one eyebrow at me and smiled wickedly. "Fun?" He questioned as he lowered himself into a crouch.

"Edward, wait. No don't!" I yelled as I felt him grab me and fly through the air. I landed underneath him on the sofa with an Umph as he straddled my waist. I stared up at him bewildered as he smiled down at me. As soon as I was able I began to struggle to get free, but he was not having it. He grabbed my wrists in his hands holding them over my head leaning down and capturing my lips with his. He began kissing me in a way that should be illegal. I moaned into his mouth as I felt his tongue trace the outline of my lips. When he finally released me I gasped for breath, and exhaled sharply, as he kissed down my neck trailing each kiss with his ice-cold tongue.

I knew what he was doing and again I struggled to get free, but he only switched both my wrists into his left hand freeing his right one snickering. He ran his right hand slowly down the side of my body igniting me on fire. I gritted my teeth as I felt him play with the hem of my shirt and tenderly raise it as he massaged the bare skin of my abdomen. I closed my eyes surrendering as I felt him lower himself down my body. I trembled arching my back as his cool lips played across my stomach. He placed strategic, and deliberate kisses all around my navel as a small moan escaped my lips.

Then he was gone. I whimpered as I opened my eyes searching for him. I found him sitting at the opposite end of the couch smiling triumphantly. I crossed my arms roughly across my chest and glared at him as I got up. I stomped my way down the hall and to the bathroom slamming the door shut behind me. Luckily my bag was still in the bathroom from the night before. I heard him laughing from all the way in the living room. I angrily locked the door after I had turned on the water knowing it would not keep him out if he really wanted to get in.

"Stupid cheating vampire." I muttered as I entered the water. I stayed in the shower longer than I normally did allowing the water to run over me and relax my muscles.
I closed my eyes breathing in the steamy air as it slowed my breathing and calmed me.

I decided to make him wait as long as I could, and once again straighten my hair. I pulled back the sides in a simple barrette deciding to wear a lilac tank top with beige Capri's. The day looked nice, just enough cloud coverage, and I wanted to take a walk along the beach. After a few hours of being in the bathroom, I quietly unlocked the door pushing it open, not sure of what was awaiting me.

As soon as the door was open I felt myself being lifted into his arms. I laughed as he swung me around a few times before placing me back on my feet.

"Never make me wait that long again." He commanded as he rested his forehead to mine.

I smiled at him. "Let's go for a walk."

He grinned taking my hand in his. "Your wish. My command."

We each donned a pair of flip-flops as we made our way down to the water. It was strange seeing Edward in such informal footwear, but somehow he managed to pull it off magnificently. He had changed into a pair of shorts and a button down shirt in which he wore unbuttoned. Twice he caught me staring at his perfect chest, and I blushed only to hear him laugh in response. The conversation was light as we continued on our path, joking freely with one another. Edward had insisted on bringing food for me, and so he had a blanket and basket in his opposite hand for a picnic.

It was low tide and I excitedly ran over to a few tide pools I saw near by. I remembered how I used to love playing in them as a child. There was so much life there! I sat down on a stable looking rock and gazed into the little ocean before me. It was like my own personal aquarium. There were oyster shells, small crabs of green and red that clung to the bottom, a few tiny fish that had somehow managed to be washed ashore, and one rather large starfish holding precariously to the edge of the pool.

I dipped my hand in tenitively as I tried to capture one of the fish in my hands. I giggled as I felt their slimy slippery bodies glide by just out of my reach. I withdrew my hand and looked up to find Edward staring at me.

"What?" I asked turning my head to the side feeling a little awkward.

He smiled and shook his head as he moved to sit beside me.

"Isn't it amazing?" I asked referring to the small tidal pool in front of us.

"Yes." He answered in a strange tone.

I looked up to find him once again starring at me. I blushed and looked back down at the water. "Stop that."

"Stop what?" He gently, innocently asked as he stroked my hair.

I rolled my eyes at him and frowned. "Let's go walk in the surf." I suggested.

He smiled warmly and helped me to my feet. The ocean water was not warm, but I enjoyed the feel of it on my feet. We played games in the surf, kicking water at one another, or playing chicken as the waves washed onto the shore. Edward always won, but I didn't mind.

My stomach growled and Edward took that as his cue to feed me. We walked a safe distance up the shore spreading out the blanket. Edward had made sandwiches, and I greedily starting eating my first one suddenly realizing how hungry I truly was. He smiled as he took a book of poetry out of the basket and began reading it to me. As soon as I was done eating I laid my head in his lap allowing his soft voice to wash over me forgetting the verses all together. He lowered one of his hands to my head and gently caressed my hair. I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew I was in our room on our bed and the sun was setting. I sat up and frowned, upset that I had wasted any time sleeping. I looked out the window and found Edward standing there outside on the wrap around porch staring off into the distance.

I quietly got up and wrapped a blanket around my shoulders and walked outside to join him. He did not appear to notice me at first. I wrapped my arms around his waist and felt him tense briefly and then relax. I starred off into the ocean as I watched the sun sink deeper and deeper into the sea as it set.

As soon as the sun was gone he turned to me and smiled. "Hey sleeping beauty."

I frowned. "Why did you let me sleep?"

He shrugged. "You looked so peaceful." He reached up and stroked my face lovingly, but I could tell there was more to it than just that. There was sadness deep in his eyes, and I wondered what it was from.

I reached up and lightly ran my fingers across his face. "So sad. What's wrong?"

He exhaled slowly running one of his hands through his hair, and led me to a swing on the deck pulling me down with him. "Soon you will never sleep again."

"Edward." I began, but he quickly brought his finger to my mouth and pressed it to my lips silencing me.

"I know this is your choice, and I support you in it. I..." He trailed off grabbing one of my hands in his, and played with my fingers not meeting my gaze again.

I cupped his face with my other hand and brought it back up to mine kissing him softly on the lips. "I love you Edward, so much."

He smiled and wrapped his arms around me tightly tucking my head under his chin as he rocked us back and forth on the swing. "I love you too, love - I love you too." He whispered. He began humming my lullaby, lulling me to sleep once more.

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