Siblings Can't Share A Gorgeous Girl

Siblings Can't Share A Gorgeous Girl

17,Kendall just moved to South Carolina with her Dad from NYC. She isn't looking for a partner but, finds two in her best friends. Her best guy friend Zac and best girlfriend Blake. Who will she choose?

17,brother and sister Zac and Blake have lived in South Carolina their whole lives. Zac wants new booty this Summer. Kendall consumes his thoughts so, he decides he wants to bang her. Blake is dazzled by Kendall's new york accent, smooth skin, brunette hair, sexy body and bubbly personality.

Chapter 1

Kendall's Second Day

It had been my second day in South Carolina. I had just moved here from New York City. It was my junior year. I was excited to be in the South even though most New Yorker's didn’t care for it because it was blazing hot and everyone asked you about your accent. I was excited because I didn’t have to be around my ex-boyfriend, Justin. I hated what he did to me. He didn’t abuse me or anything like that but, he cheated on me with a guy. It hurt me a lot so; I haven't been with someone for awhile. I was even willing to try a girl. I entered my new and big house. I took a deep breath. This was my new life."Kendall it's ready!" My dad yelled. I ran outside and saw the new trampoline I got. I have always lived in an apartment so; I never was able to have one. I smiled and hugged my Dad. My Mom and Dad are divorced. Instead of just leaving me with my Mom (who I hate) he took it to court fought for me and won custody. He left me with my trampoline to go unpack. I grabbed my CD player and put it outside. I started blasting "Party Rock" by LMFAO while I jumped on my trampoline. I then realized I had no best friend to have fun with. I frowned. I needed someone to laugh with and tell my secrets to. Just someone I could have fun with. All the sudden I saw this hot boy walk over to me. He looked about my age. He had short brown hair, tanned skin and amazing muscles which I could see perfectly because of his lack of a shirt. My eyes opened wide and so did my mouth. I quickly recovered from blushing. I turned down the music and went back to jumping as I looked down at him from my trampoline. "You’re my new neighbor, right?" he purred. Instead of stuttering like I usually would, I smiled. I knew this guy didn’t care if I was his neighbor. He just wanted to get in my pants. I smiled and said "Yes do you need something?" I said with an annoyed voice. He smiled with his teeth to himself like he had just heard a joke. "I just wanted to invite you to my house for dinner. My Mom wanted to meet you and... I do too." he said. He smiled at me again. I squinted at him until finally saying "Oh alright what time?" "We have dinner at 7:30 but, you can come at 6 to hang out with me." he said. “I’ll think about it." I said. He smirked as if he knew I would be there. With that he walked away. I walked away and told my Dad about dinner. Unlike me he was excited. I was unsure what this dinner would hold. What would Zac be like?

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