A Complicated, Teen Love story

A Complicated, Teen Love story

So you get some background information, when I was little (elementary school) me and these 2 guys were friends. One guy (CJ), liked me, and we dated for 2 years, then our school made the rule 'no dating' and you could get expelled if u were caught! So... I broke up with him, then the other guy (Reece) started kinda hitting on me and getting competitive with (CJ). Almost like 'hey look, im better then him!'

Chapter 5

Seventh Grade - Wolf Ridge

Wolf Ridge...
I love it there. The adventure, plus my classmates and the open outdoors....
but it was winter.
I spent the whole time with my friends and I MAYBE said hi to Reece, even though we were on good terms.
I got to ride to and fro in my friends moms car, so I didn't have to ride the cold crowded bus with everyone else!
We got back to school after three painful, fun, and cold winter days.
Some people were still there as we got back, I was going to have to wait for FOREVER for my parents to get here... as usual!
He was onto of the snow pile....
I hope that by now, whenever I say 'He' or 'him' you know who im talking about!
I walked over and talked to him.
'I miss wolf ridge already' - me
'yeah...' -him
'so, whats up?' - me
I don't remember the rest (im surprised my memory has held up this far)
but he started kicking snow at me, and I threw it right back. Then later he went inside to make a phone call, and I stalked him, so I could spring up behind him and scare him, and he spotted me so I went into the glass building where he was (sorry my school is so hard to explain) and he asked me,
'you still love me, don't you?' - him
I thought about it, and honestly, I did, but not like he loved me. (I realized that later)
'Yes.' - me
'and you can never say no to me can you?' - him
I merely snorted and stalked off,
In a way, he was right, no matter what question he asked me....
I would always say Yes.

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