A Complicated, Teen Love story

A Complicated, Teen Love story

So you get some background information, when I was little (elementary school) me and these 2 guys were friends. One guy (CJ), liked me, and we dated for 2 years, then our school made the rule 'no dating' and you could get expelled if u were caught! So... I broke up with him, then the other guy (Reece) started kinda hitting on me and getting competitive with (CJ). Almost like 'hey look, im better then him!'

Chapter 3

Seventh Grade - Back to school Jerk!

Going into seventh grade......... A bad year for relationships if you ask me.
But, why would you ask me? I don't know anything according to Mr. Arrogant!
That's right. I was back at school.
Me and Reece were friends but lately all I had been thinking about in the love category was my long lost love, CJ. I knew he was way out of my league but I didn't know that then. Nice, Manly, Unafraid. Last I saw of him he was 'engaged' to a fourth grader... so, 2 years ago.
I don't know why I missed him. Maybe it was because I hadn't any other suiters and I had thought he was going to my middle school but it turned out he didn't get in....
So he was on my mind while the boy I didn't want to think about was right next to me throwing pens at me, and other people. Alls' well that ends' well... I think.

I was getting tired of him flicking pens at me, throwing pens at me, and slapping my arms with pens.
I was sitting on a desk in my last class of the day (about half a quarter into the school year) talking with my BFF (Teja) about this really cool book she just read and he comes up to me, holds up a pen and says;
'What would you do if I slapped you with this pen?' - Reece. I was trying to think whether to say nothing and ignore him or say I would slap him back (I would) But, Teja came to the rescue!
'I'll hit you with my book!' - Teja. I watched, amused and scared for them both, as they went on;
'That won't hurt me you know' - Reece. He was grinning slyly at her, as if he had won. She stood up, got in his face and said cooly;
'It will If I hit you in your soft spot.' - Teja. Oh Teja, Teja, Teja, the awesomest girl in the world! He seemed to consider the fact that Both Me and Teja were now standing up and looking furious, and that Teja would keep her word.
'Jerk...Jerk JERK!' He said to her as he backed away quickly.

I was mad at him for 3 weeks because of the whole pen thing.
Then we were friends again. We were back to telling each other all of our secrets, because we always confided in each other. I told him about my summer and he promised to keep it a secret.
The beginning of the year? OK.
The rest of my year? I would like to forget about it!

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