Into Your Arms~Sodapop Curtis Love Story

Hope you like it
Age: 15
Maxine Lopez(Later on her name becomes Tootsie Roll because of all of the candies that she eats)
Looks:5'5,long dark brown hair that comes to the middle of her back.Grey eyes that get darker whenever she's sad or mad.They get lighter when she's more carefree.Max is stubbron, and she's got a big attitude. She may come off shy at first(only if you're cute) but she can be a real flirt and is a good fighter.
The title was inspired by the song Into your arms by the Maine

Chapter 1

Yeah, we're moving

"Maxine, could you please stop that?" My mother, Joanne, asked as she picked up another box."What?I'm not doin' anything."Which I wasn't. All I was doing was watching Micky Mouse on the tv."We're about to pack that, so go pack your things."

I rolled my eyes. Yeah, call me a 'total teenage girl' all you want. I didn't want to move. The only reason that we're moving is because my 'father' finally appologized to my mother for being a total jackwad and asking for her back."They're already packed, mom." I said, putting another tootsie roll into my mouth. God, I loved these things."Your clothes?"




"Did you-"I interupted her."Mom, I packed everything! Undies, socks, jeans, shoes, shirts, and just about everything else. The only thing that we haven't packed is the TV!"My mother sighed and sat down on the floor next to me. This was sort of out of character for her; she doesn't like to get dirty. My mother is the exact opposite of me, with her blonde hair in a bob style and had amazing brown eyes. Yeah, brown eyes are very common, but she was just a beautiful person.

I, on the other hand, had long dark brown hair that went all the way to the middle of my back; grey eyes that can sometimes tell my mood, and then the tan skin. I took my looks and attaitude from my father, which I hated. He was a total jackwad, usually cheating on my mother. He loved cars more than anything, and when my mother found out that she was preggers he wanted a boy to pass this on to.

When I was born, he was dissapointed. But that didn't stop him. He treated me like a son, keeping my hair short and I wuld wear boys' clothes. He tought me everything about cars. This was until I turned nine. I started to "devlop" and my mother told him that I had to start to dress like a girl. I hated dressing like a girl. I love my boots, leather jacket, and my dark hair long.

"You ok?" I asked her. Like I said, it was out of character for her to be sitting on the floor."Your don't think he'll start again, do you?"Oh yeah, he was also abusive. I was the strong one when he did stuff. My mother is way to fragile to be in anything like that.She was like a flower, or whatever."No ma, don't think like that. You wouldn't be goin' back if you didn' think he wouldn't do nothin'. 'Sides, you love him." She nodded, then her frown faded. She stood up and helped me, even if I didn't need help.

"Well, the trucks are here,"She said, lookin' out of the window. I nodded, picking up the two bags that contained everything that I owned.Yeah, I'm not like most girls who have two bags just full of regular stuff, then five of their clothes. I'm not that vain."Well, this will be an adventure,"I murmured to myeslf.

Sorry that it's short:)

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