The Secret Life of Maria and Thalia

Two author story me and Mirsa:DDDDDD

Chapter 5

Test day...Crap!

After we talked to dad we went up to the room and went to bed, we fell asleep right away. I woke up to a vigerous shaking. "MARIA!!! WAKE UP!! It's 7!" I jumped outta bed and ran to the bathroom and took a quick shower got dressed, I put Mousse in my hair crunched it up and sprayed it with hair spray and put on a little bit of black eyeliner on the top and on bottom than I put purple eyeshadow on and went down to the kitchen with Thalia we were wearing When we got to school our first class was english it was boring as usual and then we had math. "Remeber today is test day!" The teacher said as we walked in "Cruuuuud!!" I said to Thalia. "I told you so!" She said to me smirking. "Yeah you did" I sighed and went and sat down our table and started the test. It was super hard!

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