The Secret Life of Maria and Thalia

Two author story me and Mirsa:DDDDDD

Chapter 4


Once we got to the party me and Justin start to make out. The paparazzi start asking us questions. 'are you and Justin getting more serious' 'Justin what happen to Selena?' 'Miya is one of your songs about Justin'
Justin just smiled at them and waved I just looked up and smiled, he put his arm around my waist and we walked in. We saw many celeb friends, Nikki, kendel, James, Logan, Zac, many more
Nikki:Oh My Gosh, you guys I'm so happy you can make it
Me and Nikki hugged then she hugged Justin. Me and Justin went to the VIP area so we could be alone.
"I'm so glad I'm back with you" Justin said
"I'm happy your back, I've missed you" I said smiling, he kissed me
My phone went off, I looked at it, it was already midnight.
"something wrong" he asked
"no it's that I have to go" I said looking for Maria
"what we just got here, I haven't seen in like forever" he said
"I know.. I'm sorry I'll text you later Kay" I said kissing him.
I got up to Maria she was on the dance floor with Alex.
"Maria!" I yelled over the music
"what?" she yelled too
"we have to go!"
"what?! We just got here!"
I pointed at my watch, "remember we have..." I looked around trying to make an acsue.
"..big photoshoot tomorrow"
"no we don't"
I grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the party "oww, ow Thalia your hurting my arm" she said once we where in the limo I said "Maria we have a huge math test tomorrow and by the time we get home it'll be 1 in the morning "stop be such a party pooper" she said I smirked she smirked back. Once we got home dad was still up.
"Hey you guys are back early" He said
"See" Maria said

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