The Secret Life of Maria and Thalia

Two author story me and Mirsa:DDDDDD

Chapter 3

Show time!!

After talking to Alex and giving me a quick kiss I smiled and went to see Thalia. I still had the roses in my hand. "Who from?" She asked me. I giggled and gave her my goofy grin "Alex" "You guys are needed on stage in 3" The producer said to us. "Kay!!" We said at the same time then giggled. "Show Time" We said and did our 'secret' hand shake that wasnt really that secret. Our opening song was Undo It (Props go to Carrie Underwood) Which Me and Thalia wrote together. Then we sung Potential Break-up song then Enchanted Haunted and Sparks Fly (props to Taylor Swift!!!) and many others. After the concert we did a meet and greet and saw girls from our school. "Omg!! You guys are soo pretty!" Leah the cheerleading captin said to us. "Thanks" We said. "I only know one other set of twins and their freaks no offense to you guys" She said. Me and Thalia looked at each other. "That is offensive and sorry but we have to go." And left 'cause we were so mad. "I cant believe it!!" I yelled in my dressing room. "WE ARENT FREAKS!!!" Me and Thalia yelled. We got ready for the party at Nicki Minaj's house. We were gonna meet Alex and Justin there. Me and Thalia walked to the limo and got attacked by the paparizzi asking us a million questions. We just smiled and walked faster. When we got to the Limo I couldnt help but start laughing. "What?" Thalia asked. "I cant believe how stupid people are!!! Leah looked us right in the face!! And couldnt even tell it was us!!!" Thalia looked at me weird. "Weirdo" She said. When We got to the Party I was greeted by a kiss from Alex and we walked off as Thalia and Justin started making out by the front door.

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