The Secret Life of Maria and Thalia

Two author story me and Mirsa:DDDDDD

Chapter 2


Hello im Thalia. Im french and mexican. I sing pretty good but my sister Maria is a better singer than me. Were twins, but everyone at school seems to hate us, but we have a secret were superstars by night. My boyfriend yes the one and only Justin Bieber, he dumped Selena for me =] thing is he dosnt know that im really Thalia he thinks im Miya. Only if he knew sometimes I wished he did it would make alot of things way easier. Tonight we have another concert its fun, because I could rock out on stage, we were singing a song that Maria wrote, shes the best song writer ever, you could give her three words and she could come out with this amazing song. I was on the phone with Justin, he was in New York.
"Well hey I got to go but when the concerts over I call you okay?" I said
"Okay Love you"He said
"Love you too" I said and hung up and left.
I went to go knock on Maria's door she opened the door and smiled at me.
"Purple or pink" She asked
"Hmm purpl it looks better on you! Hey wear your black sequence shirt with your short jean skirt kay? because I'm wearing my red sequence shirt and my short jean skirt" I said
"Kay" She said and smiled. I left and went to go get ready, when I came out I saw Maria with pink roses
"Who from" I said
"Alex" She said smiling with a big toothy smile
"Hey guys your needed on stage in 3" The produser said
"Kay" We both said
"Show time" We both said and did our hang shake

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