The Secret Life of Maria and Thalia

Two author story me and Mirsa:DDDDDD

Chapter 1

My indroduction duh!!!!!!

My name is Maria Gonzala and I have a Twin sister named Thalia Gonzala. I'm half mexican and half french. At school Me and Thalia are freaks since we look excatly alike and are the only twins people think we are to weird for anything, but yet everyone in our school loves Liya and Miya the twins. Haha, actually, That's mine and Thalia's secret, we're Liya and Miya, and it's fun being a superstar and not having people know who you are getting a chance at a real life. The guy I wish to be my own is alex pettyfer, you guy's should know him, he plays in beastly. He is so hot and I am glad to call him mine, kinda only when im Liya. You see, Only our family know's about us being in two worlds kinda like hannah montana but that was just horrible x_x. We are not like that at all I hope!!! Our paleness and tanness work together perfectly making us have carmel colored skin, and we have carmel blonde hair, hehe we are carmel:DDD When I'm Liya I have a wig that bleach blonde with purple streaks. I love being Liya and Maria but I wish I could just be Liya or just Maria. hehe I have I concert tonight and I cant wait to sing Potential Breakup Song {all credit for song goes to ali and Aj} that I wrote in the seventh grade! In my dressing room picking out my outfit and deciding if I should go with blonde and purple or blonde and pink, I heard A knock and went over to the door and when I opened the door I smiled at Thalia. "Purple or Pink?" I asked her. "Hmm Purple it looks better on you! and wear your black sequence shirt with your short jean skirt kay? Cuz I'm wearing my red sequence shirt and my short jean skirt" She said smiling at me. "kay" I said and smiled. When I got dressed I went to walk out and there stood someone standing a dozen pink roses. "I heard they're your favorite" I reconized that voice and squealed it was the one and only.....

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