Dark Dust

Dark Dust

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Horror


My fingers juddered as I flipped them through the air, creating veins of gold and blue magic in the air. I recited the spell –hopefully- without deficiencies, but once I reached the problematic part of the incantation, I heard a disruption. It might’ve been my mind envisaging things, but it got the best of me.

“Şi vă pot să mă duci la cel mai înalt terenurile celor nevazatori. În numele de ţara noastră, mă, şi credinţele noastre străvechi, eu vă întreb, darul cel mai onorat de dimensiunea noastră, să mă duc acolo!” I sputtered, listening with my entire valor for more noises outside of the curtains.

I had only made out a slight muttering during the end, so I decided to leave it be and finish the spell. “Duceţi-mă în pace şi te trezi atunci când a căutat după. Eu vă întreb, pentru a începe!”

The now-visible strokes of my summons started to wrap me in a tight bundle. Not seeming to be able to make any noise, I watched in terror as my apparel was sliced off of me, soon to be replaced with the ropes I created. I was being lifted into the air when the curtains opened to reveal my mother.

“Farewell, Raven.” She smiled jeeringly as I was raised even higher. How? I did had not the slimmest inkling. I supposed the cords had singed a hole through the ceiling, but instead of a cover of grey hazes overhead, I was greeted by a blanket of dark, velvet.

An upsurge of agony swept through me. I screamed, but I couldn’t hear myself. My eyes widened and I desperately sought for some source of light. I hunted for dear life, but was again met by a wave of pain. This one so prevailing, I could only gasp before my eyes, collapsed and I went limp.

I know it's short but I have to switch POVs, meaning NEW CHAPTER!! So the next chapter will be posted really soon. And guess what!!!! JUSTIN IS COMIN AND HE IS GONNA BE SEXY AS EVER!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO

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