Dark Dust

Dark Dust

Chapter 2

The Spell of Gates

Kingdomess Rikarpia

I stood at the end of the Recievance Hall where the little pest I birthed would take my throne, my honor, my kingdom. I kept a balanced face. I was showing anger, mischief, sorrow, worry, and boredom. The precise mixture I needed for this event. Especially since I was being ogled at by all and sundry.

I saw the Head of Work comb back his hair out of the corner of my eye and was reminded of the day I meet the Sightless. When I first appeared, I was in a dark room. I saw white, filmy smoke creep out of a doorway and become still. I blinked and suddenly I was sitting at the table, across from 7 women.

Before I had the chance to speak a word, they started to chant, “We have come to grant you lead. We must know something first, though…” They each rose their hands and moved them in sophisticated positions. When they were done they laid their hand back down and said, “Ausway has chosen. The gift you shall be given is one that you mustn’t speak of for the rest of your rule.”

I nodded and waited for them to continue. But, instead they disappeared into the whiteness. This time, it did not take me blinking to be somewhere else; instead I saw a flash and was in a small, bright room, holding something in my hands. I looked down and saw the words, “Difference. You will conjure a being, not like any. You will not be aware of what it is, until it is too late. Watch the wind, Feel the Dark, Become the Sun. –Sightless”

I pushed away the memory when I heard the large cathedral doors open. In unison, footsteps aroused the ones in thought, bringing them to attention. I stepped forward into the light and watched as around thirty Frozenski’s in pitch black suits walked the aisle. When they passed got to where I was standing the all bowed and walked out through the side door of the Hall. I looked back to the doors and saw a figure, which looked as if it was almost floating above the floor due to its grandiose stature.

It moved into the light and I saw Raven. Hatred boiled under my skin as I realized that she had taken the attention of every set of eyes in the hall. Her dress was gorgeous and was no doubt the reason she had the spotlight. That, and her servants did a wonderful job of covering her hideous face.
I watched her make her way down the walkway towards the front. When she passed me I glared at her, to show my ‘support’ as I had done in rehearsals. She stuck out her tongue, as planned then stepped behind the curtain in the front. This is where she would cast the spell to meet the Sightless and take my throne.

I was expected to watch over the crowd to make sure no one would rebel and try to mess Raven’s spell up. They expected me to stand there and have my honor take away tfrom me like it was nothing. No. I refuse to let that little pest do this to me without trying to stop her.

She began speaking in tongues that only she and I could understand. It was a familiar enchantment, The Spell of Gates. This would take her to the Sightless’s dimension. My plan was to interfere with the spell instead make it take her to another dimension. And never let her come back.

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