Dark Dust

Dark Dust

Chapter 1



Thick, jet-black hair flowed down her back with god-like perfection. It cut short in the front, at her defined jaw, so to caress her pale face. The hue of it made her look even more pale than before, as if carved out of the marble of the gods.

Her white nose was pointed in such a way that it made her look childish and innocent, but not enough so to lose respect. Her eyebrows were also very dark, and were creased into a smooth crescent.

She had a beautiful figure, lean and strong, obviously athletic, which was a strong symbol of a skilled leader in battle. Usually people would call her size 'average' but there was nothing average about her.

Her greatest feature was her eyes, which were a piercing bright red. The type of red you'd see in the depths of a scab. Not, ugly or repulsive, though, but beautiful. They were the absolute definition of beauty. They drew attention to her from miles away. They completed her look of darkness, which was the most respectable trait you can possibly have in her world.

All of these features were not only from her parents, they were all contributed to by the Sightless. They were all a definite symbol of the Sightless's decision. The decision to have this girl in particular rule when she was older. The decision to give Raven Starx the Shadow Kiss.


Walking down the diffusely lighted corridor I made sure to keep my eyes straight ahead and possess the face of mischief, without fluctuating. This being done would be a seamless veil to cover my thoughts from those who watched me.

They didn’t know I knew about the tracking spell that tainted my blood, or that the windows in my room that looked out onto the kingdom did not let the kingdom look back. No, not the kingdom that looked back, but the Watchlees. They who were neither Frozenski’s, the deathlurkers of our kingdom, or Zeflisuh, the souls of our realm.

These creatures were programmed to watch and take continuous notes of my actions. They pieced together my emotion and thoughts by my expressions and the way I act. They then report it all back to my mother. She then uses it to help treat me as repulsive and atrocious as she possibly can.

Treating me this ghastly was so I can be the best leader I possibly can be for the next thousand years of my rule. Yes, only one thousand.
Because of my inability to reach the expectations of my magic, they expect me to die young. Meaning I need to have children very young. All this, and I will have the obligation of the kingdom’s safety in my hands. You see, this is why I must protect my thoughts thoroughly, so I can start to think on my own and not depend on others to be harsh with me.

I have not revealed the last part, though. The largest slice of my problems, the most crucial… I won’t either. I am going to keep my thoughts to myself for the next two hours before my ceremony. For after a simple chant, it won’t matter a single bit.

I thought this as I floated through the large, dark doors of my chambers. I was almost automatically confronted by the bowing heads of my dear servants. My servants were all under my authority as long as they lurk in this dimension. I treat them as I would anyone else, horrifically... except twice as evil. But I don’t. It’s not that I don’t hate them it’s just that… never mind. Just understand that I am cruel, but not to the highest degree.

I swept my hand in a motion to tell them to stand. Almost as if practiced, they all straightened in harmony. I looked towards the Head of Dress, Melandess Volcansy and smoothly said, “May I see the ensemble planned?”

“Yes, ma’am- I mean Raven,” She frowned as she accidently forgot to call by my name. I ordered all my servants to call me by it, for today would be the last day I was to be called upon it. After the ceremony, I would be called by the more formal, ‘Your Highness’.

Melandess turned and waved away some of her helpers, “Go fetch the ceremonial dress.” They nodded and left the room in a single-file line (what was this, kindergarten?).

I then turned to Rancon, the Head of Design, meaning my hair, glossness, and parleens were under his watch. “Have you planned out the basics of my design?”

He looked me up and down, most likely changing his plans due to the way I appeared at the moment. “Yes, but I think we may have to tune-up your glossness so to cover the bags under your eyes, and maybe some higher shoes, to keep you from slouching.”

I nodded. Usually, a Frozenski would be executed for speaking in this way to a leadess but I understood that Rancon had to do this, in order to keep my appearance in order.

It was then that the line of helpers returned carrying a glowing dress. It was a large, puffy skirt of silver, with a tight corset of the same color. Up the side was a floral black lace design, that gave the essence of dark beauty, unleashed. But the thing that caught my eye was the spash of bright red along the top. It would not doubtfully bring out the hue of my eyes.

“Perfect.” I praised Melandess as I took Rancon’s outstretched hand, and was pulled into preparation.

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