The Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas

It's Christmas time! Edward decides to surprise Bella by giving her gifts for the twelve days of christmas... what could he possibly have in mind?

Chapter 2

The Second Day of Christmas

by: jellybab
On the second day of Christmas,
My Edward gave to me,

Winter in Alaska was stunning - crisp white snow covered every surface like a thick layer of sugar icing, turning the forests into sparkling wonderlands when the sun shone. As a human, I had had very little liking for snow, but I soon found that I quite enjoyed it now. Perhaps the fact that I no longer noticed the cold or my heightened physical abilities had something to do with it. In any case, when the Boxing Day dawned bright and clear after the night's snow storm, I wasn't really very surprised that Edward challenged me to a snowball fight out in the middle of the forest.

We held hands as we flew away from the house - I had to control my speed so that I wouldn't leave Edward behind. It still amazed me that, all of a sudden, I was the one always having to hold back for him and I laughed, the ringing tones of my amusement bouncing about us in the forest. Edward looked at me quizzically and I shrugged.

"This all still feels so unreal," I explained, laughing again. "I mean, who would have thought that I'd be slowing down for you?"

Edward's eyebrow lifted sardonically and he increased his speed marginally. "You've been slowing down for me?"

I grinned, and abruptly changed my line of movement so that I tackled him to the ground, being careful not to squeeze him too hard. After my transformation, Jasper had been fantastic - he'd explained some of the finer details of my temporary strengths and weaknesses as a newborn vampire, and he was always so patient when I had another question.

"Only a little bit," I answered. I felt very powerful, with Edward pinned beneath me and knowing that he would have to put up a very big fight to get himself free again. I leant forward and kissed him. "Besides, I won't be stronger than you for very long, so I'm making the most of my every advantage while I can."

He tried to sit up and I shifted into the snow next to him. If we were human, our clothes would have been soaked through as a result of our body heat. Edward brushed away the glittering snow crystals that encrusted his back, grinning back at me with my favourite crooked smile.

"So you believe that your superior strength and speed will allow you to beat me in this snow fight?" he asked, clearly not convinced. I shrugged, smiling impishly.

"I seem to have most of the advantages here - I'm stronger and faster than you and you can't even read my mind to know what I might do next. Do I have all the facts straight?"

"Well..." he drawled, getting up from the snowy ground and circling me. I tried to look unconcerned. "You seem to have forgotten that I have much more experience than you do."

I shrugged again, though he did have a point. He also, whether deliberately or unthinkingly, had omitted the fact that I was still a little clumsy. I thought that was very gentlemanlike of him.

"Then, my dear, I believe this is where our paths divide," Edward said, rather formally. "I shall see you at the baseball clearing... covered in snowballs of course."

I smiled and jumped to my feet. "Yes - you will be covered in my snowballs!"

Edward shook his head and stepped up to me carefully, stopping with only inches between us. I looked up into his eyes and his face was challenging.

"You know the rules - first one to be hit by two snowballs out of three loses."

"You won't even have time to count them," I replied, then ran before he could blink, laughing wildly.


I crouched behind my tree, waiting. I knew that Edward was cocky enough that he would take his time getting here - possibly even going the long way round just so that he could prove a point. I was counting on it. As soon as I'd reached the large clearing, I'd hurried to build a round snow fort. It looked pretty good, if I did say so myself, but that was really beside the point - I was planning an ambush, and the fort was my bait.

The snowball I was holding was perfectly round, and I continued to roll it between my hands as I waited for Edward to arrive. The tree I was hiding behind was in a perfect position. There were just enough trees around me to conceal me from his view if he was passing by, and they were spaced just far enough apart that I could make a clean getaway if I needed to.

I smiled to myself, imagining his look of surprise when he realised I'd hit him first. Of course, there wouldn't be enough time for me to throw a second straight away - I'd need the time it took him to get over the shock to get away and lay my next trap. But he was taking an awfully long time...

Beginning to grow restless, I carefully moved my head to look further into the clearing. Edward was not to be seen anywhere. Maybe he'd seen my fort and decided to try an attack from a distance. Well, he could try all he liked - even given his vampire strength and eyesight, he wouldn't be able to throw the snowball far enough to reach it. I knew, I'd tried it.

There was a quiet rustle above me in the tree. Probably an owl or a squirrel - I didn't bother to look. I sighed, and put my back to the tree again, wishing that Edward would hurry up.

Two balls of icy snow smacked into my head.

A smug Edward followed them, landing lightly in front of and grinning with pleasure. I blinked up at him stupidly, the snow sliding into my face and Edward began to laugh at me.

"I do believe I won."

I continued to stare at him blankly as his self-congratulating laugh rang through the mountains. Eventually, I had the sense to shake the snow off me and stand slowly. His laughter had died down by now, though he still emmitted the occasional chuckle. Seemingly on a sudden impulse, he kissed me soundly on the lips.

When he pulled away, Edward's the malicious edge of his smile had softened.

"Merry Christmas," he said. "I hope you liked your present - shall we go see what everyone else got for you?"

"Some present," I mumbled, but I allowed him to pull me after him and we ran back to the house to enjoy the rest of our Boxing Day.

Two Snowballs,
And a brand new, dark blue Audi.

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