A Sessohmaru Love Story

Her name is kitty shes a neko from the japan era who got sent to earth for a mission her hair is crow black when shes in the japan era its silver and can turn colors her eyes are a ecentric light ocean blue her body is curvy her personaility is sweet caring and she has a bad temper she loves anything dangerous and she has a sword and bow and arrow that are powerful shes more powerful than a full demon

Chapter 1

New school,Kagome and Japan Era

I smiled and walked to my new school in japan as I walked into the class I spotted her I knew instantly she was a prietess I became her friend as soon as I sat down and talked with her I smiled and I got invited to her house for a sleepover the day quickly went by I went home and got got my stuff changing into some skinny jeans and a leather jacket and some black boots I walked to her house and knocked and she anwsered >>

I watched her leave I grabbed my bag and she hopped in the well I did to I jumped out soon as we got back to my time I helped kagome out I chuckled and then began floating in the air as I changed my black hair turned silver my curves formed my eyes turned ecentric ocean light blue my neko ears popped out as I landed on the ground my sword came I sheathed it and turned and smiled at kagome she smiled back and then told her my syory while sitting by a fire I made we both went to sleep in sleeping bags I woke up to kagome yelling I was tied up and thos silver haired boy in a red outfit or whatev yelling saying I was evil I spoke up "well well tsk tsk u shouldnt be mean I wasnt doing anything" I smiled as my sword cut through the ropes I stood up and looked at kagome and said sorry for causing trouble she looked at me and smiled and told the boy to sit we talked somemore and we all ended up traveling together >>

I woke up and found a nearby lake I got washed as my hair changed to red color I put on my white with black flower mini skirt I put on a white brah and black leather jacket I put on a heart necklace and some hightops I put on clear cherry lipglos I tied my hair in a pony tail I forced it to turn white I smiled and walked off I went and got berrts and apples I met a lil girl named rin we became friends fast I picked a apple made juice and I gave her some I smiled at her and then I gave her a pretty white kimino I smiled at her then gave ger my heart necklace she smiled up at me then some guy silver haired guy came and looked at her I smiled and said bye to ren hugged her and left I went backto kagome and I fixed breakfest for them I woke them up

Sesshomaru's POV I found ren with this white haired girl she was beautiful I looked at ren and saw she had new stuff and was holding a apple and she had juice I smiled and then went back with ren

Kitty's POV we traveled to a town as we got there me sango and kagome went and got baths and got some kiminos I smiled and chose a pretty black one with red butterflys I smiled and we walked out together we were laughing and then I noticed ren and the silver haired guy and a green demon and inuyasha fighting I looked at ren and picked her up and set her down and pulled out my sword I threw it and it pinned inuyasha I pulled out mt bow and arrow and pinned sesshomaru I walked and said no fighting infront of lil ren u can scare her for life I growled and took them down and got ren and ahooed her to him

Sesshomaru's POV I found that girl in a shop trying on kimino's she looked so pretty I smiled and chuckled then me and inuyasha got in a fight and I got pinned by a arrow I got took down I looked at her she was so beatiful her eyes her hair I nodded and walked up to her and said thank u I left with lil ren soon night came and I heard beautiful singing I got up and I found her she was by the lake I smiled and listened and when she was done I tapped her on her shoulder

Kitty's POV me and him talked he was really sweet I smiled and we talked and fell asleep me on his chest and him kaying there with his head on my head I woke up to him gone I smiled and got up it was time to go back for school I walked to the lake washed up and put on my school uniform

Sesshomaru's POV I sat in a tree I smiled and she got in this school girl uniform she left the lake humming she went to the well and left I smiled and waited for her to return

Kitty's POV I walked to school with kagome laughing at the stuff her grandfather made up I smiled we walked into school we went to class and I asked her about him she told me alot I didnt know a week went by it was spring vacation it was time to go back I smiled backing my things and put my new kimino I made in there I also made a purple one for kagome I walked to her ho use we went to the well I threw her the purple kimino I made I put on my white one on and it had a diffrent design it had stars but they where red and it had stars around them I smiled we went back I smiled and my hair changed a color it never did it turned black with red streaks I smiled I liked it we waited for inuyasha I smiled and sung jupiter rising electropop me and kagome danced to my singing lil ren came out I smiled and we all danced I laughed twirling around

Sessohmaru's POV I watched them dance I smiled and watched kitty dance with ren

Kitty's POV I smiled and sung in my sofest tone dont want to spend this night alone cuz ur just what I need I lock ur digits on my phone for as much as I tease I know this affection may be tempoary for night like behavior it is nessccary before tonight yes we r doing it right but u got my number if u like what u like~ I smiled and then inuyasha came we all went as ren left we found a town by nightfall me sango and kagome all got one room to ourselves I got in a tub and stuff I put on a black night gown i looked at the lake glow from the moon I climbed on the roof and sat there starring at a moon I sung take a bow by glee cast as I starred up at the moon I held my heart locket to my heart letting tears fall as I kept singing I held the high note I kept singing and I layed back on the roof as the song ended

Sesshomaru's POV I listened to her sing from a tree I felt sad I wonder why she sung that I climbed on the roof as she fell asleep I picked her up I smiled at her and set her on her bed and covered her up her eyes opened she smiled at me and snuggled into my chest and fell back asleep I smiled and fell asleep i woke up early and was about to leave she kissed my cheek and went back to bed I smiled and left

Kitty's POV I went and got in the tub I got washed up I smiled and put on my beatiful purple kimino my hair turned a silver color again I hummed we all set off after getting another jewel shard I went to pick apples what I saw broke my heart sesshomaru and some girl kissing I sighed I knew it was to good to be true I told everyone I was going to the lake alone to relax when I got there I smiled at the lake I put my feet in my hair turned black with silver blue ocean colors I made my sword a piano I played it and sung in my soft singing voice beyonce broken hearted girl I felt a presence behind me I turned and saw him he smiled I got up and let my hair turn a blonde color I walked off ignoring him he stood infront of me he bent down and looked me in the eye I ran with teats un my eyes I went to the place we were staying I got in the tib changed to my new purple night gown I brushed my hair humming a song I wrote I walked out and sat on the window sill cleaning my sword of demon blood and my arrow I vleaned my bow and went to bed I woke early to sesshomaru sleeping I poked kagome she woke I smiled and pointed to my sword she handed it to me I grabbed it and quickly and silentky grabbed him from behind and out it to his neck he disappeared I smirked and went to sleep the sun rose I put on my new black kimino with bloody red roses I put in a chain in my white hair I smiled and put on clear lipgloss I smiled and we got to traveling as we did I felt a presence it had a jewel shard I knew he was in the tree so I got angry my hair turned a fire red I whipped aroun to face about 10 demons I smirked and ran at them summoning my power I flipped in the air as thunder surrounded me I danced in the air and everywhere ny dance moves went it would strike a demon I landed did vlose combat with the demon leader with one swift move I cut his legs off "spare me" I glared and said weak and I sliced him open I grabbed,the jewel shard and gave it to kagome

Sesshomaru's POV I watched her from the tree her hair I watched in amazement I heard her say weak and then slice him open I looked at her never seeing this side of her I looked in her eyes when they opened it held sorrow love and pain I sighed assnd then I fekt something go through my back I looked I was bleeding immensly I crawled to a lake and sat there awaiting death

Kitty's POV we camped out cuz kagome got tired I went to a lake and I saw him wounded and bleeing badly I sighed and them pulled out stuff I took off his shirt and healed his wound after doing so I cleaned the blood stained clothes he lopened his eyes without me noticing at me more like stared I dryed it off with wind I let tears fall I got up and went to get apples and other stuff I made a energizing drink and a healing drink I got some fruit to I ran back to him I set it down and sat by the lake he said something in his sleep I listened he said kitty I smiled a bit I knew he was asleep I crawled over to him I layed on his chest

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