1OO Facts About Sally!

Have fun reading 1OO facts about me! They might be interesting or boring! There isn't anything that I wouldn't tell you in there soooo....

Chapter 1

1OO Facts about SALLY!!!!!!!!!

by: SalPal
1. Last drink? ... Water

2. Last phone call? ... Some Indian woman trying to sell me something

3. Last text message? ... To my friend Sydney!

4. Last song I listened to? ... Mt. Grimoor from Red Riding Hood

5. Last time I cried? ... Two nights ago when I watched Sanctum!

Have you ever?

6. Gotten back with someone I broke up with? ... They wish xD

7. Been cheated on? ... I had better not

8. Kissed someone and regretted it? ... Not yet :'D

9. Lost someone special ... My Grandma :'( R.I.P.

10. Been depressed? ... Last summer I was just really, really, really, melancholy for a very long time xD

11. Been drunk and threw up? ... No! Rule #1 No alcohol..... Unless there is enough to go around!

Top Three Favorite Colors

12. Blue! or clear! Like BUBBLES

13. Green!

14. Purple!
-My friend Lexi and I have the same first four favorite colors!

In 2O11 You Have

15. Made a new friend? ... All day xD Actually I have, but mostly on quibblo. And quite a lot of enemies....

16. Fallen out of love? ... Quite a lot.....

17. Laughed until you cried? ... When I started to play with Ken#1 :'D

18. Met someone who changed me this year? ... Only everyone I know has changed!

19. Found out who my true friends are? ... Yes! Weird.... I became really good friends with this girl! One of my BFFs! Lexi! -heart that never shows up-

20. Found out someone who has just been talking about me? ... All the time! I mean what can I say? It's hard NOT to be jealous xD I'm jk, but people have talked behind my back

21. Kissed anyone on Facebook? ... 1. Since when can you kiss people on facebook?! 2. I dun have me a facebook

22. How many of your Quibblo friends do you know in real life? ... None! They could be old creepers! STRANGER DANGER!

23...... I DECLARE THIS RANDOM FACT TIME! I had a book bag that I used for 7 years!

24. Pets? ... Two doggies Rose and Delo! And a kitteh Mr. Biglesworth! Not including my pillowfort family!

25. Changing name? ... Already did! My middle name used to be Davis! My mom's middle name! Now it's Elizabeth

26.Last birthday? ... Was in March! Just like last year!!!

27. Time I woke up? ... At 11:3O, 12:OO, 12:3O, 1:OO, 1:3O!!!! I didn't want to get up xD

28. At midnight? ... I was talking it up on CHATZY!

29. Something I can't wait for? ... Something fun to happen this summer!

30. Last time I saw my Mother? ... About thirty minutes ago!

31. One thing I could change? ... NOTHING! I was totally eff something up!... As usual

32. Listening to? ... Cars passing my house every so often!

33. Talked to a person named Tom? ... It could be a Riddle! NEVER!

34. Getting on my nerves? ... LOL Amber! :'D

35. Most visited web page? ... Quibblo, Chatzy, and Gaia

36. Real name? ... Sally Elizabeth!

37. Nicknames? ... SalPal! Sal! Sallard! AVPM Buddy! Long Lost Twin! Muggle Buddy! Sally Wally (Insert Last Name Here)!

38. Relationship status? ... Single and ready to mingle! cough cough I like dudes... Just ya know FYI!

39. Zodiac sign? ... I think it's Aries!

40. Gender? ... FEMALE!

41. Primary school? ... BEST YEARS EVER!!!! I had to walk to school, but I knew everybody! And I had a great time!

42. Middle school? ... ALMOST OVER! Can't wait! Gosh this/last year (it's summer so idk) stunk!

43. High school? ... Hopefully not horrible!

44. Hair color? ... I used to be blonde (I act like it xD)! But it's changed to brown/ sandy blonde!

45. Length? ... Shoulder length!

46. Height? ... 5 feet 4 and a half inches!

47......... My parents are divorced! I live with my dad! He's remarried! My stepmom is nice!

48. What do I really like about myself? ... I totally love.................

49. Piercings? ... Ears!

50. Tattoos? ... I might get one! But I don't have one

51. Right or left? ...Right, but it'd be SO COOL to have the thing with both hands!


52. Surgery? ... I don't think I had one! DUN DUN DUN! I've had a cast and stiches, but idt that's surgery, but I'm not a doctor or anything......

53. Piercing? ... Ears! when I was around five or so! I got ice cream! OM NOM NOM

54. Best friend? ... Not on the internet: Sydney, Frannie, and Lexi! On the internet: that wouldn't be too nice of me to say!

55-59. ... FOUR RANDOM FACTS! 1-I have a scar on my nose! 2-I have been stabbed with a pencil twice (once by me on accident and then someone else on accident) and I still have a black/gray mark on my hand and leg!! 3-Scooby Doo is my favorite TV cartoon! 4-I've only made straight A's once... I'm pretty sure!

60. I'm about to? ... Scratch my leg and continue typing!

61. Listening to? ... My first concert was Taylor Swift... I swear this has been done before...

62. Waiting for? ... Christmas and something exciting to happen!

63. I'm feeling? ... Sad for some reason....

67. Lips or eyes? ... Eyes!

68. Hugs or kisses? ... Huggles! You can't kissle someone!

69. Shorter or taller? ... Taller

70. Older or younger? ... Neither! I would hate relive my life (some embarrassing and distressing/painful moments)! And it would stink to miss something!

71. Romantic or spontaneous? ... Spontaneous!

72. Stomach or arms? ... Yummi Yummi in my TUMMI! Stomach! Maybe arm if it has a rhyme that I could say frequently!

73. Sensitive or loud? ... Both, but I'm only sensitive when it's just me alone or with one other person. And I'm pretty much ALWAYS loud!

74. A hook-up or relationship? ... RELATIONSHIP cough cough Still looking!

Have You?

75. Kissed a stranger? ... THEY WISH!

76. Drank hard liquor? ... Not yet!

77. Lost glasses or contacts? ... Nope! I've lost pretty much EVERYTHING else! At least twice!

78. Do the nasty on first date? ... EWWIE! That's nasty! They could have GERMS! And get me INFECTED! OR PREGO! C0nd0ms don't always work!

79. Broken someone's heart? ... So I've been told... Whoopsie.... Sorry! Even though they won't see it

80. Been arrested? ... I've been stopped by a cop for being out after curfew.

81. Turned someone down? ... Yuperoo

82. Cried when someone died? ... Mhmm! I was so sad!

83. Fallen for a friend? ... Naw

Do You Believe In?

84. Myself? ... .......

85. ... I'm not allergic to anything

86. Heaven? ... I hope so!

87. Santa Claus? ... Isn't real, but I swear it's odd/creepy that I've sat on the same Santa's lap every year I go see Santa (when I was 5 and then 7 and then some other years...)

88. ... I wish my middle name were Anne so my initials could be SAW!

89. Angels? ... No, doesn't he die at the end of that 80's/90's musical? But I've heard true stories about them, but I haven't had a stranger help me...

90. God? ... Sometimes, but SO many things go wrong I doubt it... quite frequently


91. Had more than one bf at a time? ... Nawh

92. Did I sing today? ... Tears for Fears baby! SHOUT!

93. Did something illegal? ... skips question

94. Go back in time? ... OMFG! YES! Like Harry Potter and Back to the Future!!!!! But I wouldn't do anything LIFE ALTERING! I would do it so I could come back and say Back to the Future! Because those movies rock!

95. bird is the word? ... OMG! This kid's last name was Byrd and his campaign posters said Byrd is the Word!

96. Afraid of falling in love? ... With Hermione Granger :'D

97. Last time I lied? ... Today I said I went to bed at 1:OOam when I went to bed at 3:OOam

98. Late, early, or Right on time? ... Better late than never! Early bird gets the worm! You're either early of you're late! In school, I try to be a little bit early. I hate being late!

99. Give my life for others? ... Depends. If I like them most likely. And if it's a group of innocent people then yes.

100. Am I afraid to post this? ... Why would I be?


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