She's Just Not That Into Me (A Taylor Lautner Love Story)

She's Just Not That Into Me (A Taylor Lautner Love Story)

This is my first story with a famous person in it, so wish me luck!
Name: Jaymee Soto (Jamie)
Age: 19
Looks: Black hair stops a little but higher than midback wavy, blue eyes, Latino/white
Personality: Loving, Smart, nice smile, great listener and advice giver, outgoing, stands up for herself and others, loves sports, athletic.5'4

Thanks for the help DancingToMyOwnBeat_ and HoLD_oN_TiGHT_LoSeR I decided to combine your ideas. They helped so much!! Thank you!

Chapter 3

My fault

Saturday, Dream. She is 15
"Mom! Shut up already!" I shouted at her in the car while we were on the freeway.
"Do not speak to me like that Jaymee!" She shouted right back at me. Her face was scrunched up in anger at me.
"You think you know everything mom! Guess what!? You dont!" I shouted at her. I could feel the rumble of the running engine in the car.
"You're a kid Jaymee! You dont know what's life's about yet!" She shouted. I looked out the window. All this arguing over a phonecall I got from my boyfriend. He said it wasnt working out because he liked someone else,of course, it was the whorebasket of the school. I wasnt too surprised.
"You dont think I do mom! But I do!" I shouted.
" No you dont" She said and looked over at me.I looked at her and my eyes widened. Mom! I screamed. That's when the truck that ran a red light hit her side of the car
End of Dream
I gasped and my eyes snapped open. And I tried to calmmy breathing.
I was so stupid to think I knew better than her, I was so arrogant I thought, tihnking about my mom. I shook off the dream, trying not to think too much of it and got ready to go to class College, Michigan I grabbed my laptop, said bye to Marry and then got in my car.

>>>>Fast froward In class>>>>
The professor's were like background things to me right now. I was typing down notes about what he was saying, but, not really paying attention. Then somebody walked into the classroom. I focused on the person, and smiled. It's Taylor. I heard a girl gasp and spring up from her seat, running towards him.
"OMG! I Love you! Will you sign my laptop??" She said, running back grab her laptop then ran back. Other girls got up from their seat and went to him. My friend Kevin leaned over.

"Why do they love him so much?" He asked.
"He's famous, and he's soo hot" I sais the last part sarcastically. Taylor looked up in all the girl madness and looked around the room. He found my eyes and I rasied an eyebrow and smiled. He waved at me, I waved back. You know those single, not very enthusiasti waves.
"Why is he looking at you?" Kevin said, acting like a brother again.
"Because I know him" I said.
"Let me go talk to him" Kevin said and got up from his seat.
"Kevin!" I said smacking his arm
"What? Im not going to be mean or anything" He said smiling deviously.
"He's nice" I said. Kevin still went down the steps and walked rihgt throught the girls to Taylor. The girls complained when he pulled Taylor out of the girl circle and into the hall.
"I cant believe he's doing this" I said to my friend Tammy.
"That's pretty much how brothers act, even ones not related to you" She said. They came back into the room and Taylor came up the steps with Kevin behind him. Kevin had on a smirk and I shook my head. Taylor leaned down on the table.
"Im sorry" I said
"He's a good brother to you" Taylor said
"We're not related. At all" I said.
"Oh" He said
"Why are you here?" I asked
"I just wanted to come see you" He said. I smiled
"How did you know I go here?"I asked him.
"I asked a couple a people" He said. By that time the class was over the proffessor told us to get out, literally. When Taylor walked pass the proffessor, he called Taylor over to him.
"I hope you dont plan on disrupting my class again young man" He said
"No sir, I dont, Im very sorry for interupting it today"Taylor said
"Okay, now run along" He said. We walked out of the classroom and out the building, although it took a while because Taylor was mobbed by girls.
"Do you want to meet the cast?" Taylor asked, looking at me with a smile. We were leaning against his car.
"Definetly" I said, not thinking of it as an offer.
"We can go right now if you want, I have to film today" He said.
"That's amazing Taylor!" I said and reached myarms up around his neck to hug him. He hugged back.
"I have to drop off my car first. I drove to my house, with Taylor behind me, and put my car in the garage before getting in his car

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