She's Just Not That Into Me (A Taylor Lautner Love Story)

She's Just Not That Into Me (A Taylor Lautner Love Story)

This is my first story with a famous person in it, so wish me luck!
Name: Jaymee Soto (Jamie)
Age: 19
Looks: Black hair stops a little but higher than midback wavy, blue eyes, Latino/white
Personality: Loving, Smart, nice smile, great listener and advice giver, outgoing, stands up for herself and others, loves sports, athletic.5'4

Thanks for the help DancingToMyOwnBeat_ and HoLD_oN_TiGHT_LoSeR I decided to combine your ideas. They helped so much!! Thank you!

Chapter 2

So you are famous...huh?

I woke up in the morning to my dog Marry licking my face. I started laughing.
"Marry!" I said and looked over at her.
"Who wants to go outside?" I asked and she barked at me playfully and she spinned around ina circle. Marry's a german shepard mixed with a beagle with light brown eyes.
"Okay, okay. Im coming" I said and got up. She ran ahead of me and stopped when she couldn see me anymore.
"Im coming" I said when I saw her in the hall looking at me. I wonder what you're thinking right now I thought. I opened the slider door and she took off into the backyard. I saw other movement and realized it's a bunny. Marry started going for it.

Go bunny! Go! I thought, hoping Marry didnt catch it. It ran under the fence and Marry looked disapointed. I laughed. I changed and put my hair into a poinytail to go to the gym. As I walked down the hall I saw Marry by the slider door looking at me. I went over and opened it.
"You want to go to the gym with me?" I asked her. She wagged her tail. I walked into the laundry room and reached up to grab her leash. I put it on her and we walked out the door.

I made the decision to run again. We arrived atthe gym and I gave her to the dog daycare they had there. I got a text while I was running on the track that they had. I slowed down to a walk.
2297612587 (not a real number)
Hey, its Taylor I racked my brain for the name.
Oh yeah the one I met at the gym yesterday I txted
Yeah He txted
What's up? I asked him
I was wondering if you would like to hang out today? He asked
Sure, why not?" I replied back smiling.
Cool, what do you want to do? He asked
Well, Im at the gym right now I said
So am I, where are you? He asked
Running at the track I said and looked around. Soon enough I saw him walk out the doors of the gym and towards the track. He found me and smiled and I smiled back. I put my phone away.

"So what did you have in mind?" I asked him as we started walking around the track.
"Nothing really just getting to know each other" He said.
"Yeah, maybe to the park or something" I said. After that we decided we were going to the park at arond 3. I picked up Marry from the dog daycare and ran home. I got into the shower and when I got out I straightened my hair and put on makeup. Mascara, eyeliner etc..
I put on I heard the doorbell ring and then Marry started barking. I smiled to myself and opened the door. I saw Taylor's face.
"Hey" I said while holding Marry. Marry had her eyes narrowed as she sniffed him. She looked up at me as if to say he's clean I laughed quietly at her.
"Ready?" He asked.
"Yep" I said and walked out the door to his car. We drove to the park and walked around.
"So whats your favorite color?" I asked
" Blue, whats yours?" He said
"Purple and Blue" I said.
"What do you like to do?" He asked
"I love sports but I want to get into acting" I said
"I act, I could help" He offered
"Thanks but I want to get there on my own" I said
"Okay" He said. The rest of the time we spent at the park we laughed and learned alot about each other.
"I had fun" I said at the door to my house
"Me too" He said looking down at me
"I'll see you later" I said
"Definetly" He said and leaned down and kissed my cheek. I blushed and my face probably looked confused and surprised but I wiped off the expression when he pulled back.
"Bye" He said standing there for a second. Then he walked down the walkway, I waved at him and closed the door.
>>.Fast forward 25 minutes later>>>>
I sat on the bed and Marry came up with me. She curled up by my side and a petted her.
"I kind of like him Marry" I said. She looked up at me, not moving her head. Funny thing is, she raised an eyebrow. I laughed.
"I really feel you can understand me sometimes" I said and kissed her nose.
"Go lay in your bed" I pointed to her bed beside my bed. She got up and went to lay down.
"Night" I said and turned of the light switch. She groaned in reply.

Comment plz! I love my dog sooo much, my dog can actually raise an eyebrow!! Thanks for reading!

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