She's Just Not That Into Me (A Taylor Lautner Love Story)

She's Just Not That Into Me (A Taylor Lautner Love Story)

This is my first story with a famous person in it, so wish me luck!
Name: Jaymee Soto (Jamie)
Age: 19
Looks: Black hair stops a little but higher than midback wavy, blue eyes, Latino/white
Personality: Loving, Smart, nice smile, great listener and advice giver, outgoing, stands up for herself and others, loves sports, athletic.5'4

Thanks for the help DancingToMyOwnBeat_ and HoLD_oN_TiGHT_LoSeR I decided to combine your ideas. They helped so much!! Thank you!

Chapter 1

Knocked over by Taylor Lautner = Ride Home??

Thursday 5:15 p.m. Picture is Jaymee, maybe her skin color a little darker
I changed into my gym clothes, grabbed a water bottle and walked out the door.I plugged my Ipod earphones in my ears and started joggin towards the gym which was about a mile away from my house. I got to the gym and started off with the stair climber (idk). After about an hour and a half I decided to go home.

While I walked towards the doors I noticed it was dark outside. I groaned involuntarily and closed my eyes. I suddenly hit some-one and fell. Hitting the ground with a thump. I opened my eyes and looked up seeing a guy.
"Sorry" He said and put his hand out.
"Naw my bad, I wasnt looking where I was going" I said and took his hand. He pulled me up and looked at me with confused eyes.
"Dont you know me?" He asked. Now it was my turn to be confused.
"No I dont think so, why?" I asked, my eyebrows smushed together (haha)
"Im Taylor Lautner" He said looking like he would hear screaming in a second
"Im Jaymee Soto" I said smiling He's cute I thought

"You seriously dont know who I am?" He asked, his eyebrows now smushed together too.
"No, umm I gotta go. It's already dark and I gotta run home" I said, waved and started to walk off.
"Hey! I can drive you to your house, if you want" He offered cathing up with me.
"I dont want to waste your time like that" I said with a glance up at him. What is he, like twety feet tall!?
"No its okay, I want to" He said and looked down at me.
"Okay" I said and he directed us to his car. Once I gave him directions we started talking.
"So you dont know me?" He asked again
"Nope" I said, popping the 'P'
"Humph" He muttered
"Does everyone know you?" I asked trying to get some clairification here.
"Everyone that I've met, besides you" He said.
"Ohh. Where does everyone know you from?" I asked

"Twilight? New Moon?" He asked glancing at me. I shook my head.
"Never seen it?" He asked.
"Never, this is my house right here" I said a smile playing at my lips. He pulled up on the curb and stopped.
"Thanks alot, it was nice meeting you" I said and opened the car door. I shut the door and walked up the pathway. He rolled down the window.
"Hey Jaymee?" He called to me. I walked back down the walkway and looked into the window at him.
"Yeah?" I said
"I want to get a chance to talk to you again" He said and scratched the back of his head.
"Do you have a pen?" I asked with a smile.He opened the glove compartment and handed me a pen. I wrote down my number on his arm andmy name above it.

"Jaymee with two e's and a 'y', that's a first" He said. I leaned against the car my chin resting on the car window
"My parents were pretty creative, my dad's an artist" I said knowing how much he loved painting everything.
"What does your mom do?" He asked. I swallowed.
"Um. My mom...died..when I was 15. Drunk driver" I said. Hating saying it because I dont like people's pity
"Im sorry" He said looking uncomfortable.
"You didnt know, dont sweat it" I said. He didnt say anything.
"I gotta go" I said.
"Oh, yeah. I'll see you later. Hopefully" He said and I walked back up the pathway.
I opened the door and looked back to see he was aslready gone.
I closed the door and took a shower. Once I got out of the shower I put my hair in a messy bun and went to bed.

Thanks for reading. I really want your opinions. Again thank you to HoLD_oN_TiGHT_LoSeR and DancingToMyOwnBeat_ for helping me with the info and such :). Comment plz!

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