New character!!! This is actually going to be a series of short stories about this character. Hope you like! ^^


(P.S.- more often than not, he looks like a really creepy patchwork cat. Wanna see some awesome fanart of him?


The song fits him perfectly. He lives off of dreams 0_o Demon cat-doll thingy!!)

Chapter 1

Yours Forever, Dreamcatcher

Rain poured down on the dark,quiet street. Black combat boots splashed through puddles, and nimble fingers gracefully tossed a black top hat into the air before swiftly reaaching it out to catch it again. Straitening the collar of his brown leather jacket, Dreamcatcher sighed. Marshall should have been there by now.

A voice behind him didn't even startle the the young-looking man. He turned, facing a man who appeared to be a few years his senior. But Dreamcatcher was much, much older. Too old, murmured a weary voice in the back of his mind.

"Hello, Catcher," said the man, tugging at the cuff of his sleeve. He looked Catcher over. "New look, I see."

Dreamcatcher rolled his eyes. "Looking human is the only way to get around up here," he said, accents mingling unharmoniously on his tongue. "I'll be back to looking like an over-stuffed pincushion soon." He tossed the hat a final time before snatching it back to set it on his feathery, white-blond hair, wet from the rain.

"Always liked you better as a cat," Marshall grumbled.

Catcher sighed again. "Exactly why did you make an appointment with me, Marshall? nYou know I'm busy."

The man shrugged. "I need a job done." He paused a momnet, looking at Catcher nervously. "Dammit, boy, would you stop changing your eyecolor? It's bloody disturbing."

Catcher grinned and settled on a shade of firey violet.

Marshall went on. "Di needs you to take out another one."

Catcher's eyes lit up in interest. "An assassination? Hmm."

"You up for the job?"

"Of course. For a price."

Marshall shook his head. "As always. Very well, ten."

"Ten? Really? Only ten?" Catcher paused and fiddled with the brim of his hat. "This is a big job. You know I wont settle for kess than twenty."

Marshall gaped. "This angel is only a stupid messanger! Doesn't even 'ave his wings! This is Di's stock, mate. You know she wont give me more than ten."

Catcher tisked softly. "Too bad. But, how else am I going to live? Such sweet fantasies, all packed into a sleeping human body..." he trailed off, seeming to be lost in dreams. Then he collected himself. "Ah, well. I suppose I can find them here on the surface. Good day, Marshall." He turned on the heel of his boot and began to walk away, silent as a cat.

"Wait," Marshall said hesitantly. "What about... Fifteen?"

Catcher stopped, smiling. He thought a moment. "I'll cut you a deal, because I like you. The Angel will, be dead soon."

Marshall sighed in relief. "Great. See you then, Catcher."

Dreamcatcher cast him a taunting look over his shoulder. "Good hunting."

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