Show Stealer (A Brian Holden Love Story)

Okay, I wasn't going to orginally upload this silliness to Quibblo, but some of you convinced me.
Brian Holden, if you don't know, wrote the scripts for AVPM, AVPS, MAMD, and SS. He played Zack in LWL, Lupin in AVPS, Flopsy in MAMD, and Junior and Neato(or Veeto, I don't remember) in SS.
Hope you enjoy it! ♥

Chapter 1


"Ugh!" I moaned as we got to the party. "Jess, I love you, but I DON'T want to be here!"
"Look, Stephanie, we have to be here!" My best friend, Jessica, stated. "We go to UMich in a week and you've never even been to a college party!"
"Is that a problem? Look, we're at a bar. We're 18. This it's not gonna be super fun like you think."
"Okay, Miss Debbie Downer. If you you're not having fun in an hour, we'll go home. Deal?" She checked her make-up again, reapplying her lipstick.
"Deal." I sighed. Within the first three minutes, Jess found a group of boys to join. She was such a slut sometimes. I sat, alone, until a guy came up to me and asked if he could join me. I nodded.
"I'm Brian Holden." He smiled. What was that feeling? My knees are like jelly!
"I'm Stephanie Gordon." I returned the smile, extending my hand for a shake.
"Nice to meet you. I just noticed every girl in here tonight wore heels, or something higher than heels, yet you wore Converse." He pointed out.
"Oh, yeah. Chuck Taylor's the only man who's never broken my heart before." I smiled down at my old, black, beaten-up, high tops fondly.
"Oh? Well, on man-kind's behalf, I'd like to apologize for breaking any girls' hearts."
"Thanks! By the way, I like your Chucks, too." I smiled, pointing at his gray low-tops.
"Thank you. Hey, can I buy you a drink?" Brian offered.
"I'm 18." I frowned.
"Oh. Sorry. Are you going to UMich?"
"I will be in a week for Musical Theatre."
"Hey! That's what I'm doing! Maybe I can show you around some time?"
Usually, I would decline. I mean, I just met the guy, but there was something that made me smile wide and accept.
"Cool." His smile extended from ear to ear. "Wanna dance?"
"Sure, I would love to!" I noticed he was kind of short when we stood up, but he was still about half a head taller. His faded jeans, gray Converse, and purple-blue-gray shirt made his green-hazel eyes stand out.
As we passed other girls, he didn't even look at the slutty short skirts and ultra tight, low cut shirts. I looked at my outfit for comparison. Skinny jeans, vintage Beatles shirt, and black Chucks. Why did he pick me?
We danced for a few songs, but then a slow song came through the speakers. I was ready to leave the floor, but he grabbed my hand.
"I know it's slow..." Brian started.
"I'd love to." I smiled.
"So... You're Stephanie Gordon, right?" He asked. I nodded. "Gordon was the original Batgirl's last name. Stephanie is the name of the new one. How pissed would you be if I called you Batgirl?"
I started laughing. "You can call me Batgirl."
"Cool!" He smiled. There go my knees again... "So, Batgirl, what's....your favorite color?"
"Green. What's yours?"
"Blue. Favorite food?"
"Pizza! Favorite drink?"
"Water." He smirked at the simplicity. "Favorite band?"
"Beatles!" I said quickly, turning this into a game. "Favorite superhero?!"
"Five minutes ago, it was Green Lantern, now it's Batgirl."
I blushed. "Really?"
"God, I'm sorry. That was cheesey. Sorry."
"No, it's okay. I always liked Batgirl and Green Lantern, but Batman's the best DC. Spiderman's cool, but if you--"
"Take him out of New York, what good is he?!" He finished, excited.
"EXACTLY!" I beamed. "You're like the only person who agrees with me!"
"Yeah! I mean, come on, where's he gonna swing from in say... a corn field in Nebraska?!"
"Seriously..." I looked at his marveling expression, smiling with amusement.
"What's your opinion on Aquaman?" He asked critically.
"Uh, he SUCKS! He can't do anything on land but make PB and J's at the Hall of Justice while the rest of the League is out fighting!"
"POW! BOOM! Batman takes a big hit! Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, Aquaman prepares lunch." Brian said in an announcer voice.
"That's great!" I giggled. The song ended and we sat down, still talking until another slow song came on another twenty minutes later.
"Batgirl, would you care to dance?"
"Green Lantern, I'd love to." I smiled up at him.
As we revolved in circles, talking with a lot of giggling on my part, we got closer and closer together. At the very end of the song, he started leaning in. Ohmygod, he was going to kiss me! He was going to KISS me!
"Hey, Brian. We have a problem. Code Potter." An attractive boy with big, curly hair interrupted. Damn him.
"Darren, I was kind of busy." He let go of me, to my extreme disappointment. "What is it?"
"Fangirls. That's what Code Potter means." This Darren answered.
"Right." Brian looked back at me. "I'm so sorry, Stephanie, but I have to go. I'll see you around."
"Wait! Can I... Can I have your number?" Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes!
"Yeah! Of course! Sure!" He smiled, handing me a Sharpie. I wrote my number on his arm, and he wrote his on mine.
Best. Party. Ever.

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