Only if You Knew...(Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Yes. A new story. I know. I start writing a story and i re-read it and think "Where was i going with this" but this one story has been in my head for months. So yeah. I am changing the story a bit, and making my own spells. Just to let you know. That is about it. I hope you enjoy. =)

Chapter 2


I was floating in nothing-ness. Just darkness. He was here. I knew he was. I could feel him here. He came back for me just like he said he would. I couldn't move, couldn't run to safety like before. No. I had to sit here and wait for him to get me like a worm on a hook waiting for a fish. My heart pounded trying to escape my chest. My breathing slowly got heavier as it got harder and harder to breath. He was suffocating me with the darkness that surrounded me. So this is how he killed his victim. He did say he couldn't look at the girls faces when he murdered them. He said he might give in to the pleading faces. Then I heard him, it was like he was right next to me, but he wasn't. I heard him laughing...I heard him laughing at me....I started to feel dizzy and fuzzy as I started to die from lack of air. Then POW

I woke from my nightmare from a back-hand to the nose. I jumped and turn to see Kate sitting next to me and saying something to Bre it sounded like, "See she is awake now. She is fine, stop worrying." Everything sounded fuzzy. I felt light headed from my dream. I probably wasn't breathing. It wouldn't be the first time that happened.

I turned my head and saw we were on a flying bus. Wait...what was going on....Where are we going? O! Yeah. Hogwarts. The British school for Witch Craft and Wizardry.

Our school wasn't safe anymore because....of Him......Anyways, we had to come here to Hogwarts where it was safe. He wasn't aloud in any other country. We weren't the only school doing this. All American schools where. It was mandatory that all students left.

I sighed and rested my head against the cool window. It was hot and stuffy in the over crowded bus. No wonder I was having a nightmare that I couldn't breath. And of course the windows don't open. I think the cheap-old school is trying to kill us.

"Look who is awake. How was your nap, Sam?" Kevin asked turning around to look at me.

I sighed again and reply, "Another awful nightmare that almost kill me."

"Well....nothing out of the ordinary. So what house to think you will be sorted into?" He asked desperately trying to change the subject.

" My house. Back home. In America." I said with annoyance in my voice.

"So does everyone else, Sam. But we have to suck it up, so try to optimistic, and enjoy yourself." Kate said joining our conversation.

"Merf." I said to her and turned back to the window. Telling everyone, with my body language, to leave me alone.

My head was pounding from the awful nightmare. I leaned against the window again. I pulled out my ipod and stuck to earpods in to tune the world out. I turned to Cody Simpson-On My Mind, pressed play, and got lost in my own little world.

At Hogwarts

They drag us into this huge castle, which they told me was Hogwarts, and we now stood outside to huge doors. We could he the rumble of students talking and laughing behind the doors. We arrived late and the feast, or whatever they called, had already started. How rude of them not to wait. We were only ten minutes late. Jeez. Anyways, now we had to stand outside and listen to them. Enjoying themselves. Grr.

None of us was really talking. I mean out the hundreds of students here, no one really talked. There was the murmur of whispering here and then. But we were all quiet for once. I think it was because of the people here were in awe. We didn't have building like this America. And the decor was amazing, and magical. I mean literally. Things were moving and talking and was amazing.

After what felt like forever. A old woman lead us in the as what she "The Great Hall". She told us, before we enter, that it didn't look the same as it usually would. The tables where removed so you all could fight in there and be sorted. Then she told how happy and glad that we were joining them here. But we all could tell no one was happy.

The Great Hall was huge and beautiful. The ceiling looked like the night sky, with candle floating there. It was stunning. I looked around see five groups of people standing off to the side. Four, which I believed to be students, where standing, huddle in a different corner of the room. The last group seemed to be teachers. Which stood in the middle of the room.

They where a weird looking bunch of teachers, I might add. One looked like a fat giant. Then another one looked like yoda, except he wasn't green, and he wore glasses, and had a beard. Another lady looked like she was cr@ck and didn't know how to dress her self. The others look to be a little normal. I only knew one of the teachers, and he was a teacher at all. I knew Dumbledore. I didn't know, know him. I have heard of him though.

The students all had black robes on, with ties and a little dot of color on there robes, which I believe is there crest. Each grouped had a different color, red,yellow,green, and blue/purple. So in other words this school wore uniforms. I don't like the school already.

The students of Hogwarts where muttering to themselves most likely about us. This is going to be a long year. I rolled my eyes and I brought my attention back to Dumbledore, who was getting ready to speak.

"Welcome To Hogwarts," Dumbledore began to say to us, "We are very glad to have you stay with us. Now, we would be here all night trying to sort into your the proper, Hogwarts way. So we decide to do it differently. Because you come from another school that sorts you to different house, we have idea where to put you. So when I wave my wand you will glow and be changed into you new house robes. Do not worry we will not see anything. There are four house, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Each House has it's banner over which group it belongs to. When you are change into your robes you will go to that House. Now age groups are call years. First to Seventh years. Which every age group you are in you will be in that year. 11 turning 12 first years. 12 turning 13 second years. 13 turning 14 are third years. 14 turning 15 are fourth years. 15 turning 16 fifth year. 16 turning 17 are sixth years and 17 turning 18 are our seventh years. If you are still confuse your schedule will tell you. Now to sort you." He raised wand and waved it and I started glowing.

Even though he said we would glow, people started screaming. Then calmed down we they saw every one glowing. After not even a minute of glowing, people started to spin and change in robes. He was right you couldn't see anything.

I was one of the last people to be sorted. I don't know why, and frankly I don't care. I started spinning and felt my clothes being ripped of and new ones roughly being put on. I didn't like this feeling at all.When I stopped spinning, my eye sight didn't. I had to grab on to the person next to me. Which was luckily one of my friends.

When my eyes sight returned to it's normal state. I look down at my robes. Green Tie with a crest with a snake on it. Ew. Snake. I don't like snakes. Anyways, I look up to to see what house it belongs to....Slytherin. I went to go to it but I saw no one moving so I stop.

Dumbledore said, "Now that you know your house, you may go stand with you house." We started to break up into our houses, and Dumbledore kept talking. "Now, I know most of you haven't eaten. I also know many of you are tired from you trip. You can either stay and eat or go to your Dormitory. (I think that is what is it call it is almost 12 in the morning and I am too lazy to look it up) You will get you schedule in the morning. You all are dismissed."

People started to leave. Most where just Hogwarts students. Even though I wanted to lay in a comfy bed. I also had nothing to eat all day and was starving. After most had left tables appeared with food on them. I sat at the Slytherin table and started to grab food.

Kate, Panda, and Mattew where in my House. Bre was in Ravenclaw. and Mcbride and Kevin where in Gryffindor. Trichel was in Hufflepuff.

I ate, threw food at Panda, and talk and laughed. Maybe staying here at Hogwarts wasn't going to be awful after all.

After we finished eating, and we had to clean up the mess we made. Okay, so maybe the throwing food at Panda lead to a small food fight. We where taken to the Slytherin Common Room and told which was the Girls sleeping room was and the boys.

After the teacher who leads us here, which I found out later was Professor Snape, left a group of kids step out. One had blonde hair that had gel down and look awful other then that he was cute, another boy one was short and fat and had short brown hair, the other boy was freakishly tall and skinny and had brown hair, and the only girl had short black hair and looked like a dog, a pug to be honest.

"So, you're the American idiots," The blonde haired one said with a smirk on his face.

So I end there. Tell if you like alot of details. Sorry if there is any spelling errors i did go back a check. So yeah. I hope you like it.

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