Only if You Knew...(Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Yes. A new story. I know. I start writing a story and i re-read it and think "Where was i going with this" but this one story has been in my head for months. So yeah. I am changing the story a bit, and making my own spells. Just to let you know. That is about it. I hope you enjoy. =)

Chapter 1

Character Infos.

All these people are based on real people. Some things are change. Like last name and appearances. The name in the () is what they are called by.

Samantha (Sam)- Brown, long, wavy hair. Hazel eyes. Naturally tan. Scars all over her. Except her face. A little, barely noticeable, under the average height.

Katelyn (Kate)- Short, dirty blonde,hair. Most time straight sometimes wavy. Tall..but not freakish tall. Tan-ish. Like she is white in winter and tan in summer. Some scars, but those where just cause she is clumsy. Brown/hazel eyes.

Breanna (I don't know if I spelled that right, and Bre) Dirty blonde hair. almost brown. Tall, almost the same height as kate. Hazel eyes. Pale. Like neon white. again one or two scars.

Nathan (Mcbride, and not real last name) Tall...almost freakishly. Brown curly hair that grows like a fro. White like same as bre. Brown eyes.

Nathan (Trichel, and again not real Last name.) Short. Like super short. dirty blonde curly hair. does not grow fro style. White. brown eyes. We call him nathan most of the time. and the other nathan mcbride. to clear that up.

Kevin. (Kevin....) Dirty blonde long hair. Normal height. blue eyes. white.

Luis (Panda, yes in real life we call Luis Panda.) A little shorter than Sam. Not trying to be racist here, but this is the only way i can describe, pale mexican looking skin. Sorry..but it was the only way I could think to word it. Brown eyes. Black hair grows up in a fro like thing but not curly.

Mathew (Mathew) Short, not as short as Trichel, Brown short hair, that is rough to the touch. brown eyes. skinny, like so skinny you can see bones. white.

Then all character that belong the Harry Potter series, hopefully you know which are which, belong to JKR.

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