Cupcakes & Oreos ~ A Gainer's Tale

Cupcakes & Oreos ~ A Gainer's Tale

Hi, I'm Ally! I'm a 15 year old gainer who loooooves to eat! Here's my gaining experience.

Chapter 1

6.12.11 -- Day One

I've been gaining for over a year now, but today is the day I decided to write down my experiences!

Weight at beginning of day: 266 pounds

I didn't do much today, since it's summer break. I watched some TV, played some PS3, went on here and took some more "Are You Fat?" quizzes (still don't know why I take those, I know the answer. lol). No one was home except for me so I just STUFFED myself. The 'rents went to the grocery store yesterday so I had plenty to eat. I ate...

Breakfast (9:00): 4 chocolate chip pancakes and two big pieces of banana bread
Mid-Morning Snack (10:45): Another big piece of banana bread with extra butter
Lunch (12:30): Leftover Fettuccini Alfredo, 3 pieces of bread & butter, and a bag of pizza rolls
Afternoon Meal (3:00): 3 BigMacs that I had my friend get me, and a chocolate shake
Dinner (5:30) [the parents were home, couldn't eat too much]: Some grilled chicken some salad stomach grumbling
Desert (8:30): A piece of German chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and fudge sauce... ;D
Midnight Meal (Midnight -- the parents underfeed me when they're home so I sneak to the kitchen late at night): The rest of the loaf of banana bread, half of a cold pizza, and 2 of those big Hershey chocolate bars

Weight at the end of the day: 269 pounds! (Woo!)

At dinner, mom and dad and my stepsis started discussing my ballooning weight again. They STILL don't realize I'm a gainer! Seriously? Don't they notice a whole load of food is missing from the fridge when they get home? Don't they think it's odd that they go shopping 3 or sometimes 4 times a week, yet they eat hardly any of it? I don't mind though, it's not like I want them to know.

Anyways, they were talking about my weight. Char (my stepsister) goes: "Ally, how much do you weigh again? 250 pounds?" I nodded, even though I hadn't weighed that little since last month. So Dad said: "Honey, what's wrong? Do you think you're sick or something? I've heard about rapid weight gains for no reason like this, maybe there's something wrong." And Mom says: "Yes, maybe you're right Tom. Ally Cat, do you want to see a doctor? Maybe he can help." I shake my head. And WHY would I want to see a doctor? I want to GAIN weight, duh. Maybe if he was a doctor who knew what kinds of foods would help me gain the most... but I have to sell it. "I don't know mom..." I mutter half-heartedly. "He would have to feel around my stomach and make me take my clothes off, wouldn't he?" I sniff. "This is already embarrassing enough..." I do my best to fake cry. Mom and dad buy it, but I don't know about Char.

"Never mind, honey!" Mom comes over and hugs me. Well, tries to hug me. Her arms aren't long enough to fit around me. She notices and her face turns red, she goes back to her seat at the table. Everyone leaves my weight alone for the rest of the night.

After dinner, I go into my room and open my closet doors. I notice a pair of jeans I bought last month and I try to put them on. I could BARELY get them on! And they're size 22! It took me a good 5 minutes to button them up, and they were squeezing the life out of me! I walked around in them and my stomach was jiggling so much! But I guess that's no great accomplishment, my stomach jiggles even when I don't move. But seriously, I was surprised I had gained so much since last month. I measured my muffin top and it stuck out 7 inches!

Well, that's pretty much all I did today. By everyone!
Hugs, Ally

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