A Broken Heart That's Still Beating........(A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Hope You Guys Like It:)
Name: Dayra Allysson Smith
Age:14 then 17
Hair: Firery Red
Eyes: Sea Green
Height: 5'2
Hometown: Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Personality: Is A Happy Girl,Energetic, Almost Always Smiling, Doesn't Care What People Think About Her
Bio: She lives with her mom her dad ranned out on them. She is a dancer and she loves to hang out with friends and family

Chapter 1

I Miss Him

"OH NONONONONONO!!!,"I said out-loud. It was positive, how can it be positive!?!? I can't take care of a baby!?!? I am bearly fourteen!!! How am I gonna take care of it!?!? Wait how am I gonna tell Justin?!?! I ranned out of my house and ranned two blocks to Justin's house. When I entered I started screaming his name. "Up in my room baby!,"he scrammed from his room. I ranned up the stairs and burted into his room. He was packing..wait why is he packing!? "I have to tell you something!!!,"we both said at the sametime. He started to laugh. "You go first,"I told him. "Ok well remember that video you took of me singing and posted up on youtube?,"he asked. I simply nodded. "Well Usher saw it and LOVED it and guess what!?!?,"he said. "What!?!?,"I asked him. "He wants to sign me!!!,"he said supper excited. My mouth fell open. "I know rightl"he said hugging me. I hugged him back. "Now what were you gonna tell me?!?,"he asked. I can't tell him now!!! This would ruin his career!! No I won't tell him. "Umm..nothing forget...sooo...umm..when are you leaving?,"I asked him. "Umm..today at nine pm,"he said. Tears started to crawl out of my eyes. "Don't cry,"said Justin said hugging me. "Its just that...that I'm gonna miss you,"I whispered into his chest. "Me too.....but I will never forget you...you will always be my first love,"he said kissing my head. I stepped back and said,"Don't say anything else I want those to be your last words." He simply smiled while a tear excaped his eye. I hugged him one last time and gave him a quick peck on the lips and went to the door. I turned one last time and left. And that was the last time I saw him in person.
Three Years Later
I was sitting. In the couch watching Justice play with her grama. I had a girl, I named her Justice Marie Smith. She looks exactly like her daddy except she has my eyes. After I told my mom I was pregnate we moved to Oklahoma. My mom was so angry she even wanted me to have an abortion! But how can I take away the life of a poor defenless human being! I'm glad I decided not to abort. Justice has been the best thing in my life. Sure it has been hard having to drop-out of school and missing out on parties and stuff,but I don't mind as long as I have Justice by my side. The only good thing is that my best friend Erik came along with us. Erik is like my brother,and has been a great uncle to Justice. "Mommy!! Mommy guess what!?,"said Justice bringing me back to Earth. "What sweetie?,"I asked her sitting her in my lap. "Justin Bieber is coming to town,"she said excited. Justin is her favorite artist,my mom says is coincidence,but I say that she feels it inside of her. She feels the connection between them. "Oh really?,"I asked her acting surprise. "Yes and uncle Erik wants to take you and me for my birthday,"she said happy. My mom heard what she said. "But you aren't going,"she said. "And why not?,"I asked her. Sure I didn't want to see Justin but I'm not gonna say no to my baby. "You know why,"said my mother with a stern look. "Honey is uncle Erik still here?,"I asked Justice. "Yes he is in the garden,"she replied kinda sad. "Ok sweetie why don't you go play with uncle Erik while I have a talk with grama,"I told her. She simply nodded hugged me and skipped outside. "I'm gonna take her,"I told her. "No you're not!,"she said. "She is my daughter and the decision is up to me not you,"I told her. "If you take her I want you out of my house then,"she said. "In that case I'll come for my stuff tomorrow after the concert,"I said. "You aren't seriouse!?,"she said. "Oh but I am,"I said walking outside. "Justice let's go,"I said grabbing her. "Need a place to stay?"asked Erik understanding the situation. I simply nodded. "Come on let's go,"he said. We got in his car and left. Erik lived in an one bedroom apartment not far from my moms house. When we arraived he quickly let us inside. "Ok you and Justice take the room and I'll sleep in the living room,"said Erik. "Oh no Erik-,"I started to say but he cut me off. "No objections,"he said raising his left hand. "You're the best you know,"I told him. "Oh yeah I know,"he said cocky. I started to laugh. "Mommy I'm sleepy,"said Justice yawning. "The bedroom is the last door to your right,"said Erik. "Thanks again,"I said. He simply nodded. When I got to the room Justice was already sound asleep. I layed her on the bed and covered her. I smiled, she reminded me soo much of Justin. I turned off the light and went to talk to Erik. "So I heard you are taking me and Justice to concert tomorrow?,"I asked him. "Umm..yeah it was suppossed to be a surprise,"he said. B"Well it surprised me and my mom,"I said with a weak smile. "Sorry I didn't mean to hurt you...I know how you feel and I was only doing this for Justice you know how she loves Justin....,"Erik started bubbleling on. "Its ok...and I guess it is tome for me to face the truth,"I said cutting him off. "So we are going?,"he asked. I nodded. "Great,"he said. "What row are we?,"I asked him. "Row one seat 17,18,and19,"he said. "Oh great,"I whispered. We stayed silent for a while. "Well I better get to sleep...tomorrow is gonna be the busiest March first ever,"I said. I stood up and went into the room. Justice was sound asleep. I went and layed next to her. "Tomorrow youl meet your daddy sweetheart,"I whispered touching her hair........TBC?

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