Can You See The Real Me? (Joe Jonas Love/Tragedy Story)

Can You See The Real Me? (Joe Jonas Love/Tragedy Story)

Okay so this came from watching Ghost Whisperer and just my love for drama and romance :D havent written about Joe in a while sooo yeah.
You're Serenity in this story and you're married to Joe. And it switches POV's every now and then.

Chapter 1

Let's Play a Lovegame

Joe was coming home today. He was on tour promoting his solo album all over the country for the past three months. I would have gone with him, but I had to stay home and take care of our 10 month old daughter Jemi.
Yeah, I know. Jemi. She's named after my friend, Demi, and my cousin, Jasmine. It's a long story... But yeah.
I think Joe and I were wanting the same thing when he got home. I was already wearing that cute outfit he mailed to me. It was a little pink and black mini skirt and a tight matching tank top that showed my belly. I was pretty much dressed like Joe's personal s(l)ut.
Just before he got home, I put Jemi to sleep. Hopefully, it would be her two hour nap and there would be no interruptions. ;) My heart pounded when I saw Joe's tour bus pull up at the driveway. I saw him carry his luggage out and walk towards the front door. He had a secksy smile on his face. I stayed sitting on the couch when he came inside.
"Whoa, hey," he said teasingly. "Love the view."
"Same here," I said, staring at his disco stick.
I stood up and went to make out with him. He was so into it, I was melting in his hands. I felt his lips smile on mine.
"Wait," he said as he pulled away. "Where's Jemi?"
"Asleep. Hopefully for at least two hours," I replied as I played with the buttons on his shirt.
"Okay, just checking," he said as his fingers brushed my lower back. "I really missed you while I was gone. Doing it over the phone was never enough for me."
"That's why I'm dressed like this," I said.
He pulled me back into a hard kiss. I kissed him back while I pushed him against the wall. I started to suck on his neck.
"You're taking control now?" he asked as his breathing became shortened.
"Mmmhhmmm," I said, not taking my lips off of him.
After a few minutes, I grasped his shirt and pulled him into the bedroom. We stumbled around without parting lips until we landed on the bed.
Joe feverishly kissed my collar bone as he started to take control. His lips moved down my body and his hands slowly pulled off my skirt. He left tiny pecks on my thighs and hips. He moved up so we were face to face. He smiled at me lovingly.
Then, he pulled me over so I was on top of him. I unbuttoned his shirt completely and kissed all over his upper body. My mouth was right above his disco stick when I started to undo his pants. I left a tiny peck there and pulled Joe's pants completely off.
Within two minutes, we were both enjoying each other. So. Much.
It was probably the best hour we've ever had.
"Best welcome home gift ever," Joe said after it was over.
"You're welcome," said as I laid my head on his chest.
It was quiet until Joe spoke up again.
"I'm taking care of Jemi myself for the next few days," he said. "To give you a break, and I missed her."
"Okay, no problem," I said when her cry filled the hallway. "So, get to it."

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